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WWE: Jinder Mahal feud with John Cena shouldn’t happen right away

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Smackdown Live is going through some interesting times right now. Jinder Mahal is the WWE Champion, Breezeango is one of the most over babyfaces in the tag division on Smackdown, and the women are set to have the first historical Money in the Bank match in the next few weeks. However, John Cena has not been seen on Smackdown since his proposal to Nikki Bella at Wrestlemania 33.

It is been known that he will be returning to TV sooner rather than later. The thing though is what do you do when he returns. I recently came across an article from Forbes website where they were saying that the WWE needs to be building towards a Jinder Mahal/John Cena feud. While I could see the point behind that, I hope that WWE doesn’t pull that trigger right when John Cena returns.

Lets say that these two superstars feud and Mahal somehow comes out on top. It would do wonders for his career, but lets be honest, it won’t happen. Since John Cena has been in the top of the field in WWE, the creative team feels that he always has to go over everyone. I wouldn’t mind these two feuding over the WWE title, but why can’t the WWE just allow Jinder Mahal to gain more heat. The WWE obviously sees something in Mahal that they ended up having Orton drop the belt to him at Backlash.

WWE if you are reading this, please hold off on Cena going for 17 right off the back. You should give Mahal some time with the belt before you feed him to John Cena. I would say if you go this route is start the feud heading towards Survivor Series. I would personally like to see Rusev be next in line for the WWE title after Orton. Only issue is you would probably need to turn Rusev into a face because two heels in a feud might not work. It is the same mindset with two babyfaces is you end up not having someone for the crowd to get behind.

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