We are still very early in the off-season for MLB and the rumor mills are churning out a lot of rumors.

However, there is one rumor that is now gaining some momentum and has grown some legs. There are reports going around that the New York Yankees may be gearing up for a possible trade to the Los Angeles Angels for outfielder Mike Trout. This rumor began after the Yankees received a slew of top-level prospects and since the Angels are on a decline, it would only make sense for this to happen.

Before I get into how this would benefit both the Yankees and Angels, let me first talk about how this would benefit baseball as a whole. Since Mike Trout made his debut for the Angels in 2011, he has been touted as being the next crop of talent that will be carrying the game of baseball for years to come.

As much as the Yankees get this bad vibe for the years that “they bought the World Series,” baseball needs the Yankees to do well. When Trout came up through the minors of the Angels, there happened to be many baseball pundits who have said that Trout is very similar to former Yankee legend Mickey Mantle in the sense that Trout is a natural player.

There are several reasons why a trade for Mike Trout would be beneficial for the Yankees. Unless something major happens over the next few weeks, I am more than certain that the Yankees center field position will be occupied by Jacoby Ellsbury. Right off the back, Trout has put out better offensive numbers than Ellsbury.

In the last three seasons, Trout has hit 106 homers and Ellsbury has hit a total of 32 homers. Pretty much, the last three seasons have seen Trout pull in better offensive numbers. Trout does have a No- Trade clause, but I find it unlikely he wouldn’t lift it for the Yankees, a team he has been a fan of for years as he has said in interviews.

Probably the biggest reason why it would benefit the Angels is that they could get a new leader. Don’t get wrong, Trout has been a great leader in his few seasons playing out west, he is just one player and can’t do everything. Also, the Angels are going downhill big time and since he wants to win a championship, he will probably want out of LA eventually.

This trade is incredibly beneficial for both the Yankees and the Angles as it fits both teams needs and Trout may be able to get an opportunity towards a championship, one that he probably wouldn’t get if he chooses to stay in LA.