Paul Prince

Paul Prince is a man with several arts and talents. He is everything that you want to look for in an artist. He is a soft-hearted man, but people judge him by his tough appearance. He focuses on every kind of art because he thinks that life is a one-time opportunity, so you should not focus on one thing, work hard, and apply your efforts to many crafts. Just listen to your inner voice and make yourself proud. He loved singing and acting since he was a child, so he turned his passion into his profession. He is a risk-taker and knows how to deal with the hurdles in your way to success and glory.

Paul as a Writer

He started writing when he entered his teenage, and he began to write about his feelings about love and friendship. He committed to his hobby and slowly turned it into a profession. He wrote a book named “Lost in Europe,” and this book was expected to be released this year 24th of July, but it was canceled because of the pandemic situation worldwide. The new date of the casting of his book will be announced very soon. Meanwhile, in the pandemic, he wrote another novel named “A Transient Ride,” and he released this book this year 21st of October. This is a short novel with many different stories. Each of the stories has its worth and specifications and have different meanings. This is an exciting novel and worth reading. People who have read this are amazed by his wording and meanings. You can buy this book on amazon and kindle.

Paul as a Musician

Paul Prince A Talented Person

He took inspiration from Drake, Tory Lanez, 50 Cent, and Pop Smoke because of the different kinds of songs they make. He started his career with the release of the song “Pretty Lady” in 2017. After this song’s success, he took a break, and he has now decided to make a comeback with his new album named “In My Corner.” This album is expected to be released later this year. Recently he released his latest track named “Damaged,” and it got famous around the globe. This song explains his journey about how he grew up as a black man in society and the hardships he had to face just because he was black.

Paul as a director and producer

Paul released his first movie named “MBM” back in 2016. This movie was based on a mob leader whose wife got murder, and he took revenge. After his first movie’s success, he took a break and decided to release his films named “Wrong decision” and “Run” in the current year. Run has been in working since 2015, but he wanted this movie to be perfect, so he had to stop the production many times and do it whenever he felt he is ready to do it.

Despite all of his artistic life, he supports some human rights campaigns like Black Lives matter in his radio broadcast in this Instagram Profile.

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