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San Francisco 49ers Are Heading To The Super Bowl After Dominating The Green Bay Packers

The San Francisco 49ers threw the football only eight times, ran for 285 yards,  put up 37 points and dominated the Green Bay Packers. Setting up their trip to the Super Bowl to face the Kansas City Chiefs. For the 49ers there weren't many blemishes. A three and out on their opening drive, a near interception thrown by Jimmy Garoppolo and Tevin Coleman being lost to injury were in the
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More About Short Term Rental And The Pros And Cons

Property rental can be apportioned into both long-term as well as short-term leasing options. There are various disadvantages and advantages for a landlord when they rent out their properties under a temporary rental contract. As a prospective renter, there are also applicable disadvantages and advantages. To learn more, you can keep on reading this article. The Length Of The Rental Contract Short-term property leasing is moderately variable when it comes
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SKOL! A Vikings Fan Perspective On Newly Hired Browns Head Coach Kevin Stefanski

With former Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski being hired by the Cleveland Browns after being with the Vikings since 2006, hopefully for the Browns and their long-suffering fans, that they--as well as the much-maligned Jimmy and Dee Haslam ownership--finally got this hire right. It's no secret that the Browns have had a lack of stability since they came back to the league in 1999. From what I’ve seen through
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How AI and Robotics Has Changed the Way of Living?

Our home planet, earth as we know it has, is a dynamic planet. Although there are constants such as the time it takes for its revolution around the sun, its inhabitants- we humans- constantly come up with ideas that plunge us into new ages. For instance, take a glance at the invention of robots: no doubt, the world is fast evolving artificial intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of things;

Declining mental health among seniors – Technology plays the role of a magical elixir

As we’re all set to bid goodbye to 2019 and welcome a new decade, the self-reported mental condition of the American residents (aged above 60) and living off less than $30,000 has seen to worsen with time, as found by the researchers of Stanford University. In fact, the associate professor of population health and primary care, David Rehkopf was taken aback by this finding as this was ‘unexpected’ according to
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5 Best Apps to Hack Facebook Online

Spying on someone’s Facebook account before the introduction of spy apps was expensive. You had to hire a private investigator to do the job for you. Regardless of how much you spent, it was difficult to access the target’s Facebook password details without the help of a hacker. Nowadays, hacking someone’s Facebook account is simple. You only need a spy app that allows you to do that remotely. However, with
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Things You Need To Know About Comparium App

As the technology is developing in leaps and bounds, more and more beneficial web applications are coming into play. When you build a website, you do it with the hope of garnering ample viewers for it. But, this is not as easy to actualize as it may sound. Your website must be accessible through an array of browsers irrespective of its type. In this regard, the comparium app can act