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NFL Draft 2020: Three names you didn’t think to watch for in Round 1

This year's NFL Draft will be nothing short of a big surprise. With the entire organization compromised due to COVID-19 pandemic, no one knows what to expect. An event which typically takes months of organization, interviews, and meetings will be have to be organized remotely with the help of some popular apps like Zoom. However, we are sure to see a draft much different than the one we've become used
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Man Crush Monday! Manchester Red Devil! Q and A With Fashion Model, Arron Lowe!

In an effort to bring some serious testosterone to this four-time winning digital publication, INSCMagazine is going to present to all the lovely ladies our new Man Crush Monday column. This column will feature the hottest and sexiest men—not boys, but MEN!—from all over the world, as they talk about dating, sex, being a man. You know, guy stuff! To all the men out there, bro up, and get your
#INSCMagazine 2020 NFL Draft NFL Sports

2020 NFL Draft: Is Oregon Ducks QB Justin Herbert The Draft’s Second-Best Quarterback?

With the 2020 NFL Draft roughly three weeks away, there is much discussion as to who is the second-best quarterback after projected top overall pick, Joe Burrow. A case could be made for former Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa, but what about Oregon Ducks QB, Justin Herbert? Herbert, a 6’6, 236-pound senior quarterback, was a four-year starter up in Eugene, and thanks to his size, mobility and arm strength, he has
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How to Know If You’re Dehydrated and 5 Steps for Fixing It

Hydration is a critical element of health, but many people forget to think about it and become chronically dehydrated as a result. Sure, they may sip away during their after-work Tabata class when the instructor prompts them to take a break, or they may even carry a water bottle to work each day. However, most people still slack a bit when it comes to getting the recommended daily intake. Dehydration
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Travel: 5 Best Summer Holiday Destinations In The World For 2020

Travel and leisure are integral parts of a complete life, and everyone deserves a break from the monotonous flow of day to day life. There are several benefits to your mental, physical, and emotional health that you can achieve by traveling occasionally. Whatever taste you may have, traveling has something for everyone to enjoy. The arrival of pleasant weather makes the summer a preferable holiday season for many around the
#INSCMagazine 2020 NFL Draft NFL Sports

2020 NFL Draft: Why Baylor WR Denzel Mims Is A Name To Watch Out For!

With the 2020 NFL Draft roughly three weeks away, while big-name wideouts such as CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Jeudy, Tee Higgins and Henry Ruggs are garnering all of the pre-draft attention and hype, one name that is quickly rising up charts is that of Baylor Bears WR Denzel Mims. Mims, a 6’3, 215-pound senior wideout, caught 66 passes for 1,020 yards and 12 touchdowns for the Bears, is quickly ascending draft
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What are the benefits of yoga for women?

Yoga has more common over the past few years and it has seen increasing interest from women especially. Yoga focuses on the body as well as the mind and doesn’t require extensive body stress like some of the exercises do. That being said there are variations in yoga itself, some requiring less physical stress than the others.  Knowing the different types of yoga and their benefits.  Yoga like Vinyasa yoga
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How to Decorate Your Home During the Lockdown For COVID-19

Have you found that you are looking up magazines on ways to decorate your home while you are under lock-down? You have nothing to do and the cabin fever is getting to you. You can try to inject freshness into your home as you stay inside, with simple tips and tricks. Think about how to make your home look trendy and then either look around in your garage for items
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The Three Amazing Skincare Tools That You Need To Own

The skincare industry has been one of the top-notch industries so far. Every time, there is recreation and a discovery of a skincare tool or a product that aims at making one's skin beautiful. As humans, one tends to make sure he/she looks good. Good looks do not only come with the kind of clothing you endorse and the kind of cosmetics you try on. The first step of looking