Salon Owner Launches Beauty Product Line Aimed at BIPOC Women

Beauty expert Michelle Anderson from Michelle and Hair helps Black women achieve top hair care with tailored products including hair extensions, specialized beauty routines, and specific styles for 2021. As a licensed cosmetologist for 15 years and salon owner for 5 years, Michelle found a void in the Black hair care market and launched her line of hair extensions, growth oil and satin sleep bonnet. Michelle says, “I found that my customers needed more than just my salon services. They were in search of missing products especially made

Cicada, A Whimsical Lifestyle Company, Breaks the Mold by Launching Conversational Socks

Cicada, a whimsical organic cotton sock and lifestyle brand with a message behind their designs is donating $1 to social causes for each purchase. The company has partnered with nonprofits that take action and issues people care about including COVID relief, global warming, and pollution, which are illustrated in the sock designs themselves.The meaning of Cicada is, "a bug the size of an average key, but has a voice that is louder than a lion’s roar." Israeli co-founder Nadav
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Ayurvedic Alchemy™ to Avoid Burnout and Channel Soul Plans with Manifesting Medium Victoria Mann

Introducing The Manifesting Medium Victoria Mann, a Chopra Center Certified Perfect Health Instructor who channels soul plans and identifies areas holding individuals back from their optimum level of happiness. She practices ‘clearing energy blocks’ through Ayurvedic Alchemy™ , helping individuals resolve internal issues, avoid burnout, get clear on their purpose and make better choices to manifest what they truly want. Victoria holds sacred space for healing and transformation using an

Move Over Mouthguards: TJz Balm Launches an Organic Solution to Teeth Grinding for Pandemic Stress

  TJz Balm™ has launched an organic and botanical topical night-time pain relief balm to combat teeth grinding, jaw pain, and promote sleep, especially during the pandemic, leaving skin silky soft and clear thanks to natural ingredients. This FDA-OTC drug contains a unique formula derived from seven plants including organic lavender, ginger, and jojoba. A professional mom and son duo with degrees in nutritional biochemistry and industrial engineering suffering from night-time TMJ-related clenching and

BIPOC Female Launches Pipe and Vintage Accessories that Make Bongs a Lifestyle Piece

Introducing Elevate Jane, a modern smoke shop with a curated collection of pipes, bongs, joint holders, and vintage smoking accessories. The launch of their bong, Mimi (released on 4/20/20) and products on the site destigmatize cannabis with unique aesthetics and functional art pieces that smokers proudly display on their coffee tables. All pieces are made in the USA and glass is hand blown, with the ceramic pieces finished by hand,

Never Freeze at Work Again with Lined Scrubs by Silver Lining

Doctor’s offices are notoriously known for freezing temperatures and workers are left to wear layers under medical scrubs to stay warm. Enter Silver Lining, a stylish alternative without the bulky layers, combining high quality fabrics with the comfort of a pair of PJ’s. Founder Tiffany Sudre began researching the best fabric combinations and popular styles among healthcare professionals. As a dentist who was consistently cold at work, Tiffany was looking

Introducing Chii by Miss Chii: a new line added to the U.K. MissChii luxury lingerie brand

Introducing Chii by Miss Chii: a new line added to the U.K. MissChii luxury lingerie brand. Nottingham (U.K.)-based fashionpreneur, Chiedza Dawn Ziyambe, announced the addition of a new line to her MissChii lingerie brand – Chii by MissChii. The parent brand MissChii was launched in March 2020 as a high-quality underwear line for voluptuous women and now she unveils a sensuous new line Chii by Miss Chii for all bust sizes. “After launching MissChii and gaining a strong following, I realized I

Vinnie Vidal is Putting a Spin on Traditional Rap

Vinnie Vidal is injecting Eastern flavor into Western music and integrating jazzy instrumentals into rap, like the saxophone. Vinnie's tunes focus on high quality classical records, rather than low frequency and destructive vibes, bringing clean music to the table without the swearing. His mission is to heal minds with his music, lifting self-awareness and positivity. Hailing from Baghdad, Vidal is a full time musician with a stylist side hustle and can speak to how new

Korean EdTech CUBROID making coding fun and exciting for children with creative coding blocks

CUBROID’s (https://www.cubroid.com/) products & service makes children future-ready with digital skills and cognitive life skills With the world becoming more and more digitized, coding is going to be an essential language to learn for future generations. Considering this need for the future-world, many companies are offering options in the market for making coding fun to learn for children. Korean EdTech Startup CUBROID is one of the frontrunner company that has

LaMonique Cosmetics Launches Cruelty-Free Beauty Products!

Cosmetics make​ ​up 40% of the overall beauty industry​, yet​ ​m​any larger corporations have been sited ​for use of harmful toxins in personal care products. LaMonique Cosmetics ​is an all inclusive health conscious company producing innocuous ​beauty ​products​,​ without sacrificing quality.​ Launched by ​a Bronx native and former cosmetic product tester​, Monique Glover​ ​attended an annual supplier's day event hosted by the New York Chemist Society and met ​chemists that ​she​ ​partnered with to create her products.​