This Swiss Watch Company Did 4 Kickstarters, Broke Records and Perfected Rugged Style Watches for Fans

  LIV Watches, the most crowdfunded Swiss Watch in history raised over $5 Million on Kickstarter and another $2 Million on their own platform, bringing affordable, unique Swiss watches to market and offering handcrafted timepieces in a boutique brand experience. The company hosted 4 different Kickstarter campaigns in order to present the brand properly, using customer feedback to go into production, building relationships with fans and achieving necessary funding. The

Beauty Queen to CEO of Hotmess and Founder of Farmulosity, Tiffany Konecko, transitioning from the corporate world to becoming a mom.

Unveiling the "behind the scenes" of being a beauty queen to becoming a "hot mess" mom, the former Mrs. Wisconsin covers topics ranging from the dark side of pageants to post partum melancholy to curvy models; a platform that provides a space for women to have those tough conversations. After years of trying to live a picture perfect life people pleasing, Tiffany took the plunge sharing her truths by turning
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Eight of The Arguably Best 90s Video Games of All Time

Ah, 90s video games. They hold a special place in every gamers heart, and have been the basis and inspiration for many contemporary video games. Here's a list of - arguably - the best 10 90s video games of all time. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Even if you aren't a gamer, you've likely heard of Zelda. One of the longest running adventure-action video games of the 1990s,

Javeed Mangroo Captures Confidence and Luxury in His Own Empire

A sleek black curve line. Steely greys and concrete blocks closing in, dominating the view. Shadows and light interplaying on the surfaces of a Porsche, a Mercedes Benz. A collection of fashionable watches, smoldering in the low light. Smoke from a cigar catching the light, while a motorcycle seems to outrun light itself. These are from images taken by Javeed Mangroo. Javeed is the visionary mind behind Kaye Luxe Photo,

InstaFame Game with Char Borely

Char Borley is a model of Insta-Fame. With over 429k followers, a blonde fit bombshell is someone in social media that knows her way around and is worth taking note of. She is an Instagram influencer and a model, but she's also an entrepreneur, a social media know-how guru, and a traveler. Char, based in the UK, has been able to travel all over the world for both pleasure and

Virtual Reality Has Made Remote Work More Collaborative

In the last few months, companies have had to adapt and readjust the way they hold employee meetings or how they communicate with one another. Employees have been working remotely and have had to expand their knowledge of technology in order to utilize different apps or software to continue to do their work. Many have experimented with augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality. But when it comes to holding

Hott Kitty Kat and her Passion for the Music Industry

Tiffany Stiger also known as Hott Kitty Kat is a rapper, songwriter, actress, and advocate who has continuously used her experience in the entertainment business to help up-and-coming artists. She attended acting school with Alan Faucet, did a segment on the new version of the Ricki Lake Show, and appeared in hit videos with Snoop Dogg, Exzibit, and Dogg Pound. Throughout her career, her passion has always led her to
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What You Didn’t Know About Virtual Reality

VR vs AR vs MR Augmented Reality: With Snapchat and Instagram, we have all been exposed to augmented reality without necessarily realizing that those filters we hold so dear, is actually an augmented reality feature. Augmented reality references the blend of digital features to the real world altering the live world through a device.  Just like in PoKemon Go. Virtual Reality:  Virtual reality is referencing a completely immersive experience. This

Gerry Creates Own Prophesy by Releasing New Single

Gerry Mancuso possesses musical prowess like no other, going as far as creating a fusion of classic, contemporary rock, and metal genres. While working as a warehouse manager by day, Gerry spends his spare time honing in on his virtuosity. His first album, “Oceans” was released in 2005 and was followed by several more albums. His album, “Prophesy” is reminiscent of instrumental metal and classic rock music, with hints of