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How to be the Hero Small Businesses Need

The heavy blow of COVID-19 around the world has had a devastating impact, specifically on small businesses globally. These businesses typically lack the cash flow and capital to sustain a halt in normal operations. According to a study done by Small Business Majority, “small businesses report they’ve experienced negative impacts to their business as a result of the coronavirus crisis.” This article states that 43 percent of small businesses have
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Influencers That Are Making A Difference

I’m sure it’s not just me that struggles with understanding the fact that Kylie Jenner can make $1.2 million on one sponsored Instagram post. Just how? Can you even imagine how amazing that would be? What would you do with this kind of responsibility?  Well, luckily there are some influencers that are not just using their influencer fame to make money, but they are taking that fame and trying to
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INSC Magazine: An Intro to Lola Astanova – Queen of the Keys

“Fabulous !!!! Queen of the Keys !!!”  Brian May, Queen When you envision the type of artist who performs at Carnegie Hall, who do you imagine? What do they look like? What are they wearing? Now, forget everything you think you know about classical pianist and feast your dry eyes on Lola Astanova.  Breaking the stereotype is an understatement when it comes to this world-renowned female pianist. She has equipped
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INSC Glamour Girl! Influencer Jessie Sims’ Top Tips for Social Media Success

We all wonder how social media influencers managed to reach success, and it doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes time, dedication, and patience.  With a strong identity and commitment to your own personal brand, it is possible to reach success. Your brand is who you are; Jessie Sims (@jessiesimsofficial) is a social media influencer who has made her mark by showcasing her fun personality, light sense of humor, and
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Why You Need To Try Self-Hypnosis

Hypnosis is not that tool for entertainment that you see on television; it is a proven therapy.  Hypnotherapy has been recognized and approved by the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association as a valuable therapeutic tool in medicine.  We have all been exposed to meditation and the benefits it can have on our emotional and mental wellbeing, but hypnosis has been a hidden but very valuable tool that
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Lazy Foodie Pressure Cooker Recipes

As we’re stuck at home and being forced to become aspiring chefs, we’re learning that we are not all gifted with the art of cooking.  This new adjustment is especially difficult if you’re non-cooking foodie.  How are we supposed to survive without experiencing our favorite flavors?  Luckily, there are some tools that help us cooking challenged people have successful and delicious meals.   I’m sure you’ve heard all the hype
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NFL Draft 2020: Three names you didn’t think to watch for in Round 1

This year's NFL Draft will be nothing short of a big surprise. With the entire organization compromised due to COVID-19 pandemic, no one knows what to expect. An event which typically takes months of organization, interviews, and meetings will be have to be organized remotely with the help of some popular apps like Zoom. However, we are sure to see a draft much different than the one we've become used