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Surprisingly Powerful Reasons Why You Should Play Guitar

We are all in love with music and many of us are attracted to musical instruments. A wide range of youngsters around the world loves to play guitar. Few of them consider it an entertaining element in life and many others are passionate about it. However, very few of you might be aware of the fact that the guitar leaves a considerable impact on your overall well-being as well. Many
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Press Release: NFL Launches Season-Long Brand Campaign “It Takes All Of Us”

Launch of "It Takes All of Us" Honors the Fight for Social Justice and Recognizes Collective Impact Across Communities NEW YORK (September 10, 2020) - "It Takes All of Us," the NFL's brand campaign for the 2020 season, leverages the scale and power of the league to unite the country during a critical time in our nation. The league is committed to integrating important causes vital to players and fans,
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Living: Here’s How You Can Enjoy College To The Fullest

College is difficult. It’s nothing what they show in the movies. It’s challenging and extremely demanding. Unlike high school, it entails not only classes, assignments but also, a social life and a side gig to earn extra. It all tends to come with a lot of pressure for the students. If you’re a freshman or just a college student struggling to make the two ends meet, follow along for some
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Jacob Blake Shooting: You See Them on the Court, But Do Really Understand Them?

Ask yourself that question before you Judge these NBA players for boycotting due to another senseless act of violence by the hands of the police against them in the Black community. Do you remember in June when Brooklyn Nets point guard Kyrie Irving said that they shouldn’t play basketball because it’ll be a distraction and that people will start to forget the Black Lives Matter movement.... Jacob Blake was shot
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Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Event Management Companies

If this is the first time you'd be choosing among event management companies in Abu Dhabi or any city, it is highly important that you look into the services that they offer. Can they offer the services that you want? Knowing what they can and cannot do will help you manage your expectations. What Can An Event Management Company Do? An events management company can offer a wide range of
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How Traditional Festivals Are Now Going Online

Summer is usually the time when people gather in crowded places to enjoy and experience the culture. In the next few months, the top festivals would be held. But, with social distancing our new normal for now, that is not going to happen this year. Just like punters follow online jackpot games, people will have to participate in their favorite festivals online. Many event organizers have adapted to the new environment
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How To Use Crystals And Gems To Feel Good Energy

Crystals have been a critical and essential part of everyone’s lives–from watches to phones and satellites. Essentially, crystals are one of the things that made technology, as we know of it today, possible. Now, doctors are discovering the power of crystals and gems to give off positive energy in the universe. As a pseudoscience, crystals are believed to give a good energy flow and even have some healing properties for
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3 Social Games to Play with Friends Online

As naturally social creatures, we must get enough interaction with our friends and loved ones. With recent lockdown restrictions, which has been more difficult than usual. However, there are still various ways we can stay connected, especially through Zoom parties and social media challenges like Tiktok dances, and quizzes. However, with how long these restrictions have been put in place, the majority of these initially novel activities have become a
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#SaveOurChildren: The #BreakTheSilence Movement, And What It Means!

Let’s talk about something the mainstream media is too afraid to touch. Why, you might ask? Well my readers, were gonna talk about it because it is literally the most important topic in the entire world, and I am sick and tired of everyone pretending it's not. The media wants to cover viruses, politics, Black Lives Matter and celebrity affairs, but refuses to touch the topic of human trafficking. I