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Care For Nurses
#INSC Health Health Care

Care For Nurses: The Most Common Injuries They Face!

If you get injured, you rely on doctors and health professionals to diagnose and treat you. But, what if our caregivers get ill? Because of the fast-paced, always working, and unpredictable nature of their roles, healthcare workers, especially nurses, put themselves at risk of injuries.  They are trained for treating
7 Secrets to Make Any Room Look Luxe
#INSCMagazine Home Improvement Living

7 Secrets to Make Any Room Look Luxe

Would you like to add some luxe to your apartment but aren't sure where to start?  The good news is there are many ways you can add luxurious pieces to your interiors. Before you go out and get a bunch of fancy new decorations, we recommend starting small. Slowly incorporate

How to choose the best flowers for wedding decoration?

Flowers are a vital part of weddings and for a good reason. They are not only a great and trendy wedding tradition, but they also allow you to express your style and creativity. Choosing wedding flowers is an exciting and vital part of the planning process, but if you don't
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INSCMagazine Named One Of The “Best Blogs To Follow” In 2018!

In what can be described as a major achievement, Cleveland, Ohio-based digital lifestyle magazine, web resource and social media influencer, INSCMagazine has been named one of the "Best Blogs To Follow In '18" by and "Best Blogging Sites" by influencer blog, Blog Frog. Since launching Dec. 8 of 2012,
#INSCMagazine Economy INSCMagazine: Sponsors Money Personal Finance

Personal Finance: 3 Ways To Rehabilitate Your Bad Credit

Bad debt is a problem that haunts millions of Americans. Times get tough, and with how easy it is to get credit for many college students and people just starting out, it can be even easier to make a series of poor decisions that lead into bad debt. And once
#INSCMagazine Press Release

Press Release: The End Is Near For ‘Redskins’ Name; ‘Imagining The Indian’ New Documentary In Production On Fight Against Native American Mascoting

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Imagining the Indian, a documentary film currently in production at The Ciesla Foundation about the movement to eradicate Native American names, logos and mascots in the world of sports and beyond, recently unveiled its website, The site features the film’s trailer (also available on YouTube) that connects the centuries' old dehumanization
#INSCMagazine Press Release

Press Release: NABJ Statement on Black Sports Online and Inappropriate Conduct Accusations

WASHINGTON, D.C.  ⁠— The National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) is disappointed to learn of the reported harassment and mistreatment that women journalists have been experiencing as employees of Black Sports Online (BSO) and its CEO Robert Littal. The issue surfaced on Twitter after Tamantha Gunn, one of BSO's former
#INSCMagazine Press Release

Press Release: CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE’s New Single “Precious Kisses” Available Now

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Rising Indie singer / songwriter CARRiNGTON MacDUFFiE has created yet another single of cosmic proportion to charm the airwaves titled, “Precious Kisses.” The single plays hand in hand with the summer solstice to signify the heartbeat sound of the season that lingers until next summer’s romance returns.

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Pastor Mike Signorelli
#INSC COVID-19 Lifestyle

Pastor Mike Signorelli on the Importance of Solidarity Amidst the Pandemic

While the world faces an unprecedented health-crisis, it falls upon the shoulders of leaders to guide people down the right path. Though it has always been vital for people to stand united, it is especially crucial at this juncture. From empathy, cooperation, and care, to brotherhood, mutual-support and solidarity, these
visit Hong Kong
#INSC #INSCMagazine Travel

Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the metropolitan area and particular administrative region of the People's Republic of China, has 7.5 million people of various nationalities. It is one of the world's most visited places. Apart from being an English-speaking and friendly tourist destination, the country has many other reasons for travellers to visit
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