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How to Select the Perfect Engagement Ring!

You can’t underestimate important choosing the right engagement ring is. It doesn’t matter how many people tell you differently, you really need to bust your gut to make sure you choose wisely. We aren’t talking about choosing the most expensive ring you can find, or the ring with the most
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2019 NBA Draft Rumors: Cavs Locking In On SG Jarrett Culver?

With the 2019 NBA Finals now in the books and the Los Angeles Lakers completing a blockbuster trade for New Orleans Pelicans center/forward Anthony Davis, the upcoming 2019 NBA Draft will definitely be one to watch. With picks 1-4 likely set with New Orleans projected to take Zion Williamson with
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The Best Sports Events to Go to Around the World

There are many reasons to travel to new, exciting destinations around the world, from sampling local cuisine to exploring the landmarks and architecture. But what often gets forgotten about is the sporting events that many countries have to enjoy. These are some of the best-loved sporting events around the world
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INSCMagazine Named One Of The “Best Blogs To Follow” In 2018!

In what can be described as a major achievement, Cleveland, Ohio-based digital lifestyle magazine, web resource and social media influencer, INSCMagazine has been named one of the "Best Blogs To Follow In '18" by and "Best Blogging Sites" by influencer blog, Blog Frog. Since launching Dec. 8 of 2012,
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Personal Finance: 3 Ways To Rehabilitate Your Bad Credit

Bad debt is a problem that haunts millions of Americans. Times get tough, and with how easy it is to get credit for many college students and people just starting out, it can be even easier to make a series of poor decisions that lead into bad debt. And once

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