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5 Chiko Sandals I Can’t Wait To Wear When It’s Warm

The sun is warming up and fashion does too. In summer, when the sun shines at its best it is necessary to wear something that feels good, looks good and does not interfere with daily life. As well as keeping everything right, it is also mandatory for many women to maintain modern fashion. To maintain the foot climate in the summer season, it is often suggested to wear quality shoes
Singapore Street Style: Temasek Polytechnic Students Part 2 (Dec 2018)
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Styles of Singapore: A Good Combination of Asian and Western

Singapore is a tiny country but its fashion and style mania are not. The taste of fashion, styles, beauty has been changed a lot in recent years as Western culture is made its own way replacing the typical Asian styles in Singapore. As Western culture is pushing the Asian culture to make its own place a lot of new things are happening. We are not going to cover everything rather
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Accessories: 4 Unexpected Ways to Make Your Outfit Pop Like Never Before

When you feel like you’re running out of options in your closet and that all of your clothes are old news, it can feel uninspiring trying to get ready every day. Of course, there’s always the option to go for a shopping spree and come back with an entirely new wardrobe, but that’s not always feasible. If you’re trying to look good and stand out while using the clothes you
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The History and Progression of Streetwear: From Stussy to Supreme

Did you know that streetwear has been around for almost 40 years already? What was once a humble aesthetic has now substantially flourished into a soaring rank of fashion, organizing itself as a retail force that can’t be ignored. We can see how celebrities are continually selecting athleisure atop all else. Tracksuit bottoms are worn as if they’re jeans, turning streetwear into a much more than a trend or phase.
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6 Unique Wedding Beauty Tips to Shine On Your Big Day

So, your big day is just around the corner. You’re finally getting married to the man of your dreams. While you may be busy planning the wedding you always wanted as a kid, you should take out some time to look your best on the wedding day. You don’t necessarily have to look perfect that day. But it’s definitely about being the best version of yourself. The main concern for
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Style: Wear A Luxury Watch To Enhance Its Elegance

Men's fashion has changed a lot in recent years. Wearing luxury watches is very trendy. In addition to highlighting the man, a luxury watch enhances the elegance of the latter. However, it is necessary to take a number of parameters into consideration before buying a luxury watch. The choice must take into account your personal tastes, your style and your morphology. Although watchmaking tastes differ from one user to another,
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Should Young Girls Wear Padded Bras? Myth about First Bras

  During puberty, girls first experience the essence of womanhood. These body changes have deep psychological and biological effects on teenagers. Changes are daunting, so they need proper care and advice to face these challenges gracefully. The budding of breast starts from age 8 and continues till 13 some even to 20. This process of blooming from bud to fully blossomed flower awakens the femininity and sensuality both within and

Contemporary Bottom Wears for Kurtis

India is the medley of various cultures. Though rich in heritage, this country has always been accepting of other influences. This country indeed is the epitome of what we call 'unity in diversity.' Growing up as a woman in India, we have been subjected to such diverse influences, and each time these influences have opened a new horizon for us and have given us fresh perspectives matters related to lifestyles.
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Style: What Options You Can Take For Clip Hair Extensions

For special occasions or because you wish to have flowing long locks, it’s simpler than ever, thanks to hair extension process, to modernize your look rapidly and easily. Hair extensions arrive in a range of materials, from 100% human hair and others that have been colored and treated, to synthetic material for a totally one of a kind look. They can be glued or sewn in, as well as clipped
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Mehendi Styles To Keep An Eye Out For

As the famous song goes, “Mehendi Laga Ke Rakhna.. Doli Saja Ke Rakhna… Lene Tujhe o Gori...Ayenge Tere Sajna...”, we completely outcrop the beat of it indulge in the ‘shadi’ feels. Mehendi holds a very special place in an Indian wedding ceremony where a lot of emphasis is paid to customs and rituals which in turn reflects the kinship amongst people. According to the Mehendi ritual, the bride doesn’t step