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Python is a scripting programming language. It is versatile, therefore it is suitable for solving a variety of tasks and many platforms, from iOS and Android to server operating systems. It is an interpreted language – it does not compile, that is, it is a plain text file before launch. You can program on almost all platforms, the language is well designed and logical. Development is much faster, because there is much less code here than in other languages.

What is Python used for?

Most often Python is used in web development and big data analysis. To complement the functionality of the language, different frameworks are used: Django, Pyramid, Flask, and others. But Python is also suitable for creating applications or games. For example, the GIMP graphics editor is written in Python. Torrent client BitTorrent up to version 6 is also developed in this language. Python was also used in the development of AAA class game projects: EVE Online, Battlefield 2, World of Tanks, and others. Most often, in such cases, one of the project components is written by in Python. That is, not the whole game or application, but some kind of module, for example, the server-side. And the Python language is also used in system administration for automated tasks. It is used in almost all Linux servers. Python is also very good for working with data in scientific research – in Data Science, which is gaining momentum. Machine learning and data analysis algorithms in top python development companies are written in this language. As you can see, Python is used everywhere – mobile and desktop applications, games, science, and the AI industry are friends with it. Such plasticity greatly contributes to its development.

General Web and apps development

It is a scripting language that is used to solve the broadest language. It uses big data and website and mobile game development. It is also suitable for creating desktop and mobile applications. It is interpreted, so no need to compily the course. Development in Python is faster than in many other languages. And it is great for beginners: you can write simple programs within a few days after starting the training. The barrier to entry is quite low, especially for those novice developers who know English at a basic level. You can start practicing simple Python scripts almost immediately. In the latter case, it is as simple as possible, even a person without a technical background will immediately understand it. Of course, not all programs look so simple – complex projects in a python web development company consist of hundreds and thousands of lines of code. But “python” is an easier programming language to understand than many others.

Scientific Computing + Data Science

It’s widely used in these spheres. There are several included science-specific libraries for different spheres. Of course, the spheres of use are not limited only by these variants. The language is used by a python development company in Data Science. It is used to write machine learning algorithms and analytical applications. It serves data storage and cloud services. It also helps to parse data from the Internet. For example, in Google, Python is used to index sites. As for machine learning, Python gives great results. It uses specific frameworks and machine learning libraries.


Python is widely used for startups cause it’s scalable and easy to use. An example can be taken from Dropbox. His creator didn’t have huge hope for it. But nowadays millions of people use it. It’s a great example of how small ideas turned into a great startup.

FinTech + the Financial Industry

In the pack of languages that are used in FinTech, Phyton is the priority. The same situation is with many other companies, such as, for example, Bank of America. Python learning is the perspective direction for everybody who is going to web development in the financial industry.      

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