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Chris Deville’s Shinedown Review Reeks Of Superficialness

Chris Deville of Stereogum wrote a review of the band Shinedown. What it actually did illustrated what not to do. It was superficial and filled with stereotypes.  The most obvious one was this. "Shinedown’s music seems designed for a particular hyper-masculine military-friendly red-state demographic." Another one is "we Shinedown newcomers might mistake '45' for a tribute to President Donald J. Trump, it’s actually a slow jam from way back in ’03 that refers to 'staring
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Saszet Ors Balint – A Famous Name in the Music Industry

Saszet Ore Balint is a Romanian musican. He has gained popularity on social media due to his amazing music and songs composition. His music appearance is dynamic which he has gained due to effort of years. The super star is famous for his dynamic songs. Now he’s a reputable and professional musician of the Romanian people. This factor has increased his fan following. He is at the peak among the

Gerry Creates Own Prophesy by Releasing New Single

Gerry Mancuso possesses musical prowess like no other, going as far as creating a fusion of classic, contemporary rock, and metal genres. While working as a warehouse manager by day, Gerry spends his spare time honing in on his virtuosity. His first album, “Oceans” was released in 2005 and was followed by several more albums. His album, “Prophesy” is reminiscent of instrumental metal and classic rock music, with hints of
Guitar Learning Guide
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Guitar Learning Guide – 9 Tips to Make the Most of Your Guitar Lessons at Home

Learning to play guitar is a time-consuming thing but not impossible. You can simply take guitar classes in NYC to get expert guidance on how to handle the instrument. For those who wish to do it on their own, here are some useful tips that will help practice you more and become better at playing guitar. Let’s get started. Set Reminders The first and best thing you could do is
Nilo Blues
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An Artist Of Pure Musical Influence: Nilo Blues

Toronto-based hip-hop artist, Nilo Blues carries the influence of his life as a Vietnamese-Chinese Canadian in his diverse music. As he doesn’t prefer titling himself as a rapper, becoming an artist was almost inevitable with his upbringing. It all started when he first discovered YouTube in the fourth grade and decided to take his journey into music. “My Mom was a salsa dancer and was always bumping 90s/00s R&B in
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Rap: British-Iranian Hip Hop Artist Mahan Mehrani A.K.A. “Vorsham” Reminisces on His New Track “Ex Girlfriend ”

Vorsham has been releasing bangers from his home studio for quite some time now. He started recording himself at the age of 15. Now at the age of 18, he has been able to make a name for himself with his unique style. Inspired by the late 2pac , Juice Wrld, his melodic vocals mixed with his solid production and unique flow have created a sound that resonates with his
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The Best Pianists Alive Today In 2020

The piano word has evolved from the phrase pianoforte and is an instrument which used to produce music like Jazz, chamber music and many other types. It is mostly found and used by the pianist. The pianist is the musician who loves and knows how to play the piano. In order words, they are the piano players and can produce a variety of music with it. Many people try to
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Hip-Hop: Is Edthatsmycup/EDDY KRUGER the next big name out of Florida?

It is said that music has no boundaries, and it is true in all means. If you ever try to elaborate on the meaning of Music, it’s huge because there are many styles, instruments, and ways to play the music. Most people use it to express their feeling and transform a piece of art with it. Music is not used for entertainment purposes only, but it can be a career
Lola Astanova Misha Levintas
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INSC Magazine: An Intro to Lola Astanova – Queen of the Keys

“Fabulous !!!! Queen of the Keys !!!”  Brian May, Queen When you envision the type of artist who performs at Carnegie Hall, who do you imagine? What do they look like? What are they wearing? Now, forget everything you think you know about classical pianist and feast your dry eyes on Lola Astanova.  Breaking the stereotype is an understatement when it comes to this world-renowned female pianist. She has equipped
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Press Release: Fellow Singer/Songwriters and Friends Remember and Mourn the Loss of Rock ‘N’ Roll Icon Little Richard

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Grammy Award winning, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame member, Little Richard, the mastermind behind legendary hits “Long Tall Sally,” “Rip It Up,” “Good Golly Miss Molly,” “Tutti Frutti” and many more, has passed away at the age of 87. Little Richard's music broke racial barriers and his impressionable style shattered all that was standard. The eccentric star paved the way for other stand-out acts with his