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Singer and Noted Instagrammer Kevin Keew Releases a New Single, “Brazilian Style”

England’s own Kevin Keew’s new single “Brazilian Style” pays tribute to the Latin country’s unique and amazing musical heritage, featuring Samba, Bailey Funk, and the dance craze “Passinho dos Maloka.” Singer, model, and an influencer with 841K followers on Instagram, Keew is in love with all things Brazilian, and his new hit is catchy, memorable, and infectious to any crowd. “Brazilian Style,” available now on Spotify, gets its inspiration from
Kate Sheil & Kentucker Audley in She Dies Tomorrow by Amy Seimetz
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Press Release: Original Soundtrack From Neon’s SHE DIES TOMORROW By Mondo Boys Is Now Available

NEW YORK, NY – Milan Records today releases SHE DIES TOMORROW (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK) with music by MONDO BOYS.  Available everywhere now, the album features music written by Mondo Boys for NEON’s darkly comedic thriller.  Written, directed, and produced by Amy Seimetz, She Dies Tomorrow is now available in drive-in theaters and on-demand.  Of the soundtrack, composers MONDO BOYS say, “We knew the score had to be able to
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Press Release: Adrian Vera Presents Sizzling New Latin Power Track “Peligrosa” Featuring Katrina Law

Los Angeles, CA: Latin pop artist, Adrian Vera, is set to release his new single “PELIGROSA" later this month. His new song represents the act of succumbing to the power of a woman and being completely enchanted by her. Produced by Louie Diller of the brat pop group, HOLYCHILD, “PELIGROSA” combines seductive lyrics, in-your-face drum beats and Latin rhythms. Mix in Adrian’s sultry vocals and you’re met with a Latin-pop cut aimed at your most primal
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Press Release: Rising Country Singer/Songwriter Reyna Roberts Releases Debut Single, “Stompin’ Grounds”

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Rising Country singer/ songwriter Reyna Roberts is blazing a trail toward success with the release of her latest single, “Stompin' Grounds.” This hard-hitting Alabama anthem is lively and energetic. The song invites fans to join Roberts as she gets wild and kicks up dust. She invites us to take a look at her southern roots. Reyna’s rare voice and universal lyrics remind us that we all have
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Songwriter Faustbatal Takes the Hip Hop Scene by Storm With His Latest Songs ‘Enemies’ and ‘Scheinen’

Swiss Rapper Faustbatal is beginning to emerge as a rising star on the hip hop scene with his single 'Enemies,' attracting more than a million views. The track and video featuring famous Albanian artist S4MM, has gained the rapper followers and fans worldwide. Following suit is another single 'Scheinen' which too has amassed popularity. A successful businessman and musician, Kevin Rahman, aka Faustbatal recorded his first song at the age
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Chris Deville’s Shinedown Review Reeks Of Superficialness

Chris Deville of Stereogum wrote a review of the band Shinedown. What it actually did illustrated what not to do. It was superficial and filled with stereotypes.  The most obvious one was this. "Shinedown’s music seems designed for a particular hyper-masculine military-friendly red-state demographic." Another one is "we Shinedown newcomers might mistake '45' for a tribute to President Donald J. Trump, it’s actually a slow jam from way back in ’03 that refers to 'staring
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Saszet Ors Balint – A Famous Name in the Music Industry

Saszet Ore Balint is a Romanian musican. He has gained popularity on social media due to his amazing music and songs composition. His music appearance is dynamic which he has gained due to effort of years. The super star is famous for his dynamic songs. Now he’s a reputable and professional musician of the Romanian people. This factor has increased his fan following. He is at the peak among the

Gerry Creates Own Prophesy by Releasing New Single

Gerry Mancuso possesses musical prowess like no other, going as far as creating a fusion of classic, contemporary rock, and metal genres. While working as a warehouse manager by day, Gerry spends his spare time honing in on his virtuosity. His first album, “Oceans” was released in 2005 and was followed by several more albums. His album, “Prophesy” is reminiscent of instrumental metal and classic rock music, with hints of
Guitar Learning Guide
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Guitar Learning Guide – 9 Tips to Make the Most of Your Guitar Lessons at Home

Learning to play guitar is a time-consuming thing but not impossible. You can simply take guitar classes in NYC to get expert guidance on how to handle the instrument. For those who wish to do it on their own, here are some useful tips that will help practice you more and become better at playing guitar. Let’s get started. Set Reminders The first and best thing you could do is
Nilo Blues
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An Artist Of Pure Musical Influence: Nilo Blues

Toronto-based hip-hop artist, Nilo Blues carries the influence of his life as a Vietnamese-Chinese Canadian in his diverse music. As he doesn’t prefer titling himself as a rapper, becoming an artist was almost inevitable with his upbringing. It all started when he first discovered YouTube in the fourth grade and decided to take his journey into music. “My Mom was a salsa dancer and was always bumping 90s/00s R&B in