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Sports Betting: 2019-20 Potential NBA Champion Picks

Basketball fans around the world are coming out of their shells. Pre-season is in full flow which means a new NBA season isn’t far away. Nick Nurse led the Toronto Raptors to their first title last year. However, many analysts and pundits don’t believe that they can defend their crown this season. During this guide, we’ll give you a full rundown of the potential 19/20 NBA champions. Our expert analysis
#INSCMagazine NBA Sports Sports Betting

Sports Betting: The Best 3-Point Shooters In The NBA Right Now!

Watching the ball nestle in the center of the hoop is one of the most beautiful sights in sport. That exhilarating feeling amplifies when the shot comes from distance. Thankfully, the NBA is blessed with the best 3-point shooters in the world. From Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson to Joe Harris and Buddy Hield. We’re fortunate enough to watch these superstars break records when they step onto the court. Let’s
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2019 MLB Playoff Odds, Teams, and Tickets

If there’s one thing baseball fans and pundits can agree on, it’s that there’s nothing quite like the playoffs. With every pitch, you can cut the tension inside the stadium with a knife. Sometimes, even watching on TV doesn’t do it justice. If you can get your hands on cheap MLB playoff tickets — and your team happens to be playing! —you’ll have the sporting experience of a lifetime. With
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Top Sports Betting Android and iOS Apps

Are you into sports betting? If so, we have great news for you. You can now use sports betting apps and do live betting anywhere you want. There are different apps that you can choose from both for Android and iOS devices. Let us look at the best sports betting apps available for you: 1. Betfair Known as one of the most popular betting exchanges in the world of playtech
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How To Adjust Bets Between College & NFL Games

There really is no thrill in life like placing a big bet on one of your favorite football teams. Sure, there are other sports that you can bet on, but it seems like football garners the most attention. This could be because the earning potential is so lucrative. It could be because football is just such an exciting game. Whatever your reason for placing bets on football, you probably already
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Sports Betting: 5 Tips To Win Money From Football

The main reason why most of the bookmakers are still in business is because the percentage of people losing bets is much greater than those who win a considerable amount. When it comes to sports betting, football tops the list in having the biggest volume of bets placed every second as compared to any other sport, and because of this much money going into football betting, the bookmakers are busy
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Sports Betting: How Do You Win Big On Football Accumulators?

More seasoned sport bettors, who are confidant enough on their predictions usually use accumulators to win big, they usually join together all the predictions that they think would be right in a single accumulator to maximize their chances of winning big. But always keep in mind that you’ll loose on the whole accumulator even if a single prediction goes wrong. If you want to maximize you entertainment, thrill and also
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The Best Sports Events to Go to Around the World

There are many reasons to travel to new, exciting destinations around the world, from sampling local cuisine to exploring the landmarks and architecture. But what often gets forgotten about is the sporting events that many countries have to enjoy. These are some of the best-loved sporting events around the world every sports fan should attend at least once. US Masters Tournament – Golf The Masters is the first of four
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Why You Should Consider Gambling Online

Betting live at the casino isn’t for everyone. It’s loud, there’s often smoke and if you’re not winning, it can take a depressing turn in a hurry. Those mild negatives about being live and in person at your local casino (or even Vegas) shouldn’t completely dissuade you from ever going. But they’re reason enough to avoid the hike at times. Compounding that notion is the allure of just gambling online
2018 Melbourne Cup Day
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The Melbourne Cup Frequently Asked Questions

The annual running of the Melbourne Cup has been a race that stops a nation for as long as anyone can remember. That doesn’t mean that everybody knows everything there is to know about the great race, though. In this post, we’ll be answering some very common questions people have about the Melbourne Cup. Where Is the Melbourne Cup Held? Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne has always been home to the