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Wellness: 5 (Healthy) Ways to De-Stress During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Living through a global pandemic is strange, scary, and stressful. It's crucial that we don't neglect our mental health during times like these. Too much stress can lead to chronic health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. Take care of yourself with these five healthy ways to de-stress. 1. Exercise and stretch. via GIPHY Our physical and mental health are closely linked, and just about every mental health
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Does Pure Natural Coconut Water Go Bad?

The health benefits it has to offer gives you a good reason to purchase pure natural coconut milk. When you purchase online, you receive fresh, pure natural coconut water.  For how many days it remains fresh? Does 100% pure coconut water go bad? Coconut water lasts quite a long time even if you have opened the bottle. However, you need to store your coconut water bottles properly. Storing coconut water
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Health & Fitness: What Are The Benefits Of Vitamin Supplements?

Vitamin supplements are vital nutrients since they perform the role of tons in body functions. There seems to be a big difference between having enough and even having too many of those nutrients. Eating a balanced diet provides an effective way to get all of the required minerals and vitamins. Necessary nutrients for the body Your body breeds skin, muscle, & bone every day. It keeps churning out rich red
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What to Expect from Alcohol Abuse Programs

It's difficult for new visitors to picture what an alcohol program might include. The following will highlight some things visitors could expect so that they feel more at peace. Checking In The first thing a visitor will have to do is check in. The professionals in a good rehabilitation center are going to interview the person who is checking in. Sometimes, the person checking in might fill out a detailed
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No wonder the novel coronavirus has altered the lifestyle of humans considerably. Either it is about attending the seminars, public gatherings, or any other events are banned entirely. People are compulsory to spend their lives in quarantine and maintain a social distance of at least six feet. In the meantime, wearing a mask in public has become a new normal. In short, due to this Covid-19, everything has come to
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Jasmin Shojai: How She Has Gone From Playboy Playmate to Business Woman

Jasmin Shojai, best known for being awarded ‘Australia’s Top Glamour Model of 2017-18’ and for being an icon in the Playboy Brand (appearing 10 times) Is now on the journey, so to say, on becoming a more ‘Traditional Business Woman’. Although the young entrepreneur has always been quite the savvy Business Woman throughout her modelling & acting years Speaking of modelling, Miss Shojai has been featured in various Magazines &
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How Amino Acids Help with Muscle Retention

Keeping muscles healthy and fit is something that most people overlook. Having strong muscles is not only essential for performing everyday tasks effectively, but also for warding off a variety of chronic diseases such as cancer and high blood pressure. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, it’s easy to neglect strength training. You’ve probably heard the saying use them or lose them – this maxim rings true for muscles. You
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Reasons Why Face Mask is so Famous in Europe

Everyone knows that at the end of 2019 the world has been facing a bolt from the blue in the form of corona virus pandemic. It originated from China and then spread to Europe. Now it has spread to almost every continent of the world. After affecting China, it started to affect Europe. To save themselves from this fatal pandemic people of Europe started to use a face mask. This
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Wellness: 5 Simple Stress Relieving Tips

Since childhood, we are taught that we can do anything which is mostly true. But what was not told is that we can’t do anything and everything at the same time. Setting a mind towards multiple goals at once is healthy but also very stress-inducing. The stress turns the circumstances frustrating and irritable as soon as things start getting out of hand. An individual should be able to determine the
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What are Alkaline Herbs? And Why Should you Eat More of it?

The alkaline diet has been one of the trendiest ways of losing weight while being healthy at the same time. From the theory that acid-forming foods make bodies weaker, an alkaline diet encourages consuming foods that maintain pH balance.  Alkaline Herbs and why Eat More of it? One concept of an alkaline diet is to consume more plant-based foods and cutting acidic, sugary, and processed foods. The AlkalineNaturals.COM alkaline herb