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On The Rise! L.A. Based Argentine-Born Music Composer of Inconvivencia, Luke Villemur, In Perfect Harmony

At the age of 25, Luke Villemur has already composed the music of acclaimed TV shows, films, commercials and theater. Born in Argentina, Villemur is one of the most recognized composers in the country. Inconvivencia is one of the shows that made Villemur’s career take off. The show is available in Argentina in FLOW, streaming in Telefe, one of the two most important networks in Argentina. Tomas Fonzi and Laura
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On The Rise! Gigi Dia And Her Unforgettable Role In ‘The Daily Dreamer’

In an industry that is always looking for a new face and some refreshing talent, look no further than French-born model/actress Gigi Dia. Dia, who stars in the film ‘The Daily Dreamer’, is a name that you should get to know quickly. As every film Gigi stars in, the ‘Daily Dreamer’ also got a few official international film festival selections. Some of them are Marina Del Rey Film Festival 2019,
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On The Rise! Q and A With Actress and Humanitarian, Keturah Hamilton

As the pandemic hit emergency levels, we heard different stories about the toll it took emotional and physically on our fellow humans. We want to share the latest interview of actress and humanitarian, Keturah Hamilton   When did you know about the pandemic? I was visiting my home country Jamaica for a little pleasure, but mainly business. The second to third day I think, I woke up and heard it
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On The Rise! British-Pakistani Cinematographer & Filmmaker Arman Khan Achakzai One to Watch.

If you haven’t heard of or Pakistani-born and British-raised cinematographer & Filmmaker Arman Khan Achakzai go on Youtube and you’ll see why he is one to watch! He started Visual effects with an eagerness to share his newly acquired filmmaking knowledge. He launched his career in the industry without any formal training and while he was thoroughly unqualified, this hasn’t stopped him from sharing his personal experience or opinions. In
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On The Rise! Muestra Intergalactica Festival Star And Mexican Actress Emanuela Boisbouvier Making Waves In ‘A New Verse’

Emanuela Boisbouvier is one of the lead actresses in the film ‘A New Verse’ directed by Cameron Thuman. The film was screened at the New Jersey Golden Door Film Festival as well as at the Westfield International Film Festival, and at the 7th Annual Muestra Intergalactica Festival in Mexico, in which ‘A New Verse’ was selected as an honorable mention. In the film, she plays the protagonists’ girlfriend. She struggles
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On The Rise! Gossip Girl Acapulco! Why Actress Argelia Curiel Is Mexico’s Finest Star

Argeia Curiel is one of the most recognize actresses in her state, Chiapas. This Mexican beauty is a clear example that shows that nothing is impossible. While living in her hometown in Mexico, Argelia Curiel went to a friend’s birthday party when suddenly she found herself talking to a television producer who happened to be looking for a new host for her morning show. A year later she was already
Head designer Antonio Chavez during London Fashion Week. With House of Ikons.
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Exclusive Interview with International Designer Chavez

  Chavez Wearable Art Couture is the perfect blend of artistic avant-garde design and ready-to-wear practically. Their approach to unique, daring, and unconventional design has quickly garnered international popularity and consumer acceptance, as they defy the and break through the walls of industry standards. Head designer Antonio Chavez came from humble beginnings in Guatemala and has now set up his home base in Toronto, Canada. Chavez designs have been shown
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On The Rise! Mexican-Born Actress Mariana Flores One To Watch In “Living with Strangers”

You remember your first roommate in college, or having to share a space with? You know, that person that you had to count on to pay their share of the rent and bills? Ever remember the first time you living with someone who wasn’t your significant other? With summer now here, and an excuse to be lazy and soak in some air conditioning, one series that takes you back to
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On The Rise! Q and A With ‘Abandon All Hope’ Singer-Songwriter, Julie Mintz!

They say that a star is born everyday in the world of entertainment. One minute its doo-wop pop star, Meghan Trainor, the next it’s Cardi B—when she is not throwing shoes and beefing with Nicky Manaj—or Machine Gun Kelly, when he isn’t trying to stir up drama with hip-hop kingpin, Eminem. The point is, new names and faces come and go in the world of entertainment and music. For every
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On The Rise! Meet Hollywood’s Newest It Girl, Melissa Bolona!

By Julia Writer Hollywood is full of celebrities, but few have seen a steady rise to stardom that can compare to model and actress Melissa Bolona. With her first debut on the screen in only 2014, Bolona has quickly risen to various major roles. Here is what you need to know about Hollywood’s newest rising star: Origins: Bolona has a rich heritage that includes Peruvian, German, Cuban and Ukrainian ancestry.