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Business: MindGeek goes after YesPornPlease for the price of $462M Piracy Suit

MindGeek runs one of the largest portfolios of adult movie content. The content is stolen and posted contained over 6,395 separate URLs and scenes from Brazzers, Reality Kings, MOFOS, Twistys, and Babes.com among other brands as said in its lawsuit. A federal judge made an early discovery in MindGeek's copyright infringement lawsuit after claiming that tube operators of YesPornPlease.com made 3078 of its copyrighted scenes available. YesPornPlease has built a
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Money: Top 5 BIN Checkers You Should Know

BIN stands for Banker Identification Number and is the first 6 digits of your credit or debit card. It is through this number that merchants can identify whether their customer’s credit or debit card is real or fake. The merchants use BIN Checker to determine the credibility of the card payments and to prevent credit card related crimes. How BIN Checker Works? The first thing the BIN checker does is
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Real Estate: Florida First Time Home Buyer Assistance Programs

With increases in the cost of housing over the past three decades, it’s still the American dream to own your home for about 80% of the population. The increasing value of land and building materials, makes it challenging for even middle-income Americans to own their home. Although there are increases in wages and decreases in mortgage rates, it seems as if 70% of Americans are not able to acquire a
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Money: Cash Flow Finance Options For Australia Small Business Owners

Financing for small businesses is a global challenge that could be the determining factor between success and failure. Many owners of small businesses have great ideas that have high chances of growing into big brands if only they get the right finding. Over the years, there has been a rise in creative approaches to financing small businesses. From venture capitalists to government and organizational grants, there are several ways of
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Empire Stock Review: What You Need To Know?

A superb investment analysis company will help you make the most of the investments. They 're particularly helpful to beginners who would like to put capital into the marketplace to operate swiftly. The market is notoriously competitive, though, and often it isn't easy to distinguish the champions from the detractors. Fortunately, feedback from Stock Dork is available to enable you to make an understanding of the chaos. Today the analysis
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Money: The Need For A Business Broker

Selecting the right and proper way to sell your business is quite necessary. A person wants to have a fair price in the sale, and he wants to sell the business to someone willing to run your business with the same affection and responsibility you have. In such circumstances, you need to hire a business broker. Appointing the right business broker can be quite challenging. It would help if you
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Money: 7 Ways To Protect Your Family’s Financial Future

The future is always unpredictable. Planning for the unknown is essential. However, with so much financial and social stress, it is easy to forget and focus on the “here and now” of life. Forgetting the future is placing jeopardy in your hands and that of your dependents. The same people who you are looking after need your investment and planning to survive in the future. Sacrificing today can help a
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Here Is Why Your Nonprofit Should Use An Online Donation Software

Having an online donation software has become one of the most important things for organizations that raise donations. The problem with existing methods is that they are way too old, and the possibility of human errors increases when you are adding the data manually. On top of all this, it can be nonproductive and tedious work that will need hours to complete every time you sit down to do it.
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How To Sell Your Shares In A One Off Trade

Making a one-off share trade probably isn’t part of your day-to-day schedule. If it were, it wouldn’t be a one-off sale. Instead, these types of sales are generally made by people who have little to no knowledge of how the stock market works. Perhaps they didn’t even buy shares but, rather, they inherited them. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry. We are here to help guide you