school leavers with a disability
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What Employment Support is Available For School Leavers With a Disability?

People with disabilities face certain challenges at all stages of life. Dealing with a disability during the school years can have its ups and downs, but once school is over and everyone is going off to find jobs and chase careers, what help and assistance is available for school leavers with a disability? Are there any programs school leavers can avail of? And if so, what do they involve and
Recruit a Full Time Executive Assistant
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Here’s Why You Should Recruit a Full Time Executive Assistant

Time is the most precious resource for any Executive in today’s business world. There is never a status quo in business anymore, it is always evolving and changing, requiring continuous forward thinking and planning at a high level. Emails alone are an all-consuming task that require detailed attention, coordination and priority. Executives should be spending their time on business-critical tasks including relationships and strategic matters that can enhance and develop
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Alexander Jean Ojjeh: Former Hedge Fund Manager Allegedly Paid Woman He Meet On Instagram For Loyalty and Sex

An unidentified master’s student living in London claims to have met Alex Ojjeh, a hedge funder on Instagram after the pair exchanged messages. She claims that she was swept off her feet by him and he eventually became less romantic. In fact, Alex was cold, possessive controlling and manipulative. Since the investor has deleted his Instagram but is still using Twitter. According to the woman Alex Ojjeh is a textbook narcissist with sociopathic tendencies. She admits that
loan originator commission
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Connect With The Reputed Loan Originator to Streamline Your Loan Origination Process!

Settling a bulky loan transaction can be hectic if not tracked and carried out efficiently. Various software applications are launched in the market by loan origination networks to fulfill the loan origination and credit assessment requirements of lenders. A mortgage loan originator can be an individual or a financial institute that works hand-in-hand with the borrower to complete the loan process effortlessly. The mortgage loan originator also deals with underwriters
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Budget Babes Journal by Tomeka Purcell Now Available for 2021 Goals!

Tomeka Purcell, a Money Mindset Coach has launched Budget Babes Journal, a tailored, practical guide and must-have tool to boss up money management in 2021, unveiling budgeting tactics to win, both financially and emotionally. The section “A Penny for Your Thoughts” allows for users to write freely and provides space to reflect on monthly spending habits, encouraging journaling of emotions, tracking spending patterns, and closing any gaps that may be hindering personal wealth building. Not only does the journal help track
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Personal Finance: How to Get the Most Out of Your Credit Card

Credit cards play a pivotal role, especially when carrying out a variety of transactions. You can use them to make purchases. Your credit card also helps you to monitor your account balance and other transactions you conduct. Different banks have various credit card models for their client groups. You should do your research to identify a card with the most benefits offered by your bank. This article is tailored towards
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Entrepreneurship: 9 of the Best Businesses to Start in a Recession

An economic recession can bring a huge deal of uncertainty. Many businesses will flounder or even fail during this difficult time. During a recession, starting your own business may seem unthinkable! However, many businesses manage to survive and even thrive in times of economic hardship. If you are thinking of starting your own business, there are many recession-proof ideas that you can choose from. In this guide, we will explore
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Fixed, Variable or Tracker Mortgages: Which Ones Are Best for You?

Looking to buy your first house? Or perhaps you are thinking of remortgaging your existing property? Either way, it’s important to get your head around the different types of mortgage products available to you. Choosing a mortgage Each type of mortgage product has benefits and disadvantages, depending on your unique situation. Selecting a mortgage with the best interest rate for you can save your family money in the long run,
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Student Loans: Preparing for College Life

 Leaving home for college is a turning point for any high school senior. Your whole life was focused on competing in activities, going to school, and trying to get good grades. But once you leave home, you'll be responsible for everything. Luckily, if you have a plan before you go to college, you can prepare yourself for success.Preparing for SchoolYou might spend several months getting information together about colleges in