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Investors are Flocking to Industries Unaffected by Lockdowns

The complete global financial market is experiencing something it has never seen before. While market impacts and even crashes are nothing new, never before have we seen one that is so expected and well analyzed. Both large banking consortiums and individual investors have had more than three months to slowly prepare and move their money to sectors like online gambling and gaming, or in futures for essential goods like food
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Personal Finance: How to Stay on Top of Your Bills

To retain the standard of living that you have become accustomed to, there is no getting around the fact that you must cover your bills and pay your debts. Whether it be on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis, you must spend your hard-earned cash on keeping a roof over your head. Staying on top of your bills is not an easy task, that much is for certain. If you
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Everything You Should Know Before Filing A COVID-19 Workers’ Comp Claim

With the world grappling under the pressure of the coronavirus outbreak, individuals everywhere are in a state of perplexity regarding the actions they should take. While a majority of the businesses have implemented remote work and ‘work-from-home’, a large number of industries have to continue with their functions. These industries could refer to the medical field, extraction or mining industry, agriculture and plenty more. In fact, these make up the
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How To Go Shopping On A Small Budget

Even with money tight and more people seeking tighter budgeting to make sure they can afford essentials- people still need to be able to shop.  Not only for essentials but also to improve their quality of life.  Having a small budget doesn't mean you deserve any less than anyone else. Here are some tips to help your buck stretch further when times are hard. Wait For Sales Patience is king
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How to Provide Financial Recommendations During COVID-19

The new coronavirus and the disease it causes—COVID-19—continue to wreak havoc on worldwide health and business. As some countries begin to see a leveling off of new coronavirus cases, attention is being turned to the economic downfall of the pandemic.  Much of the United States, Canada, Europe, Great Britain, and other countries have been shut down during the coronavirus crises. Large businesses such as Apple, Amazon, and more, may be
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6 Tell Tale Signs of a Fraudulent Currency Exchange Service in Australia

Currency exchangers are quite popular in Australia and many other parts of the world too. These are the guys you see whenever in need of a foreign currency exchange for an international tour. When you have a foreign currency left over from a trip, you need to visit these guys too. Anything that has to do with currency exchange, usually involves money exchange service providers in some way. Australian cities
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Personal Finance: How To Improve A Bad Credit Score

There are various times when a business needs some external financial help. Possibly, your sale gets affected by seasonal changes, you want to improve inventory but falling short of cash, or you are aiming for business expansion. These mentioned and other reasons compel business owners to look for fundings other than their generated revenue. But sometimes it becomes tough to access such financial assistance. One of the reasons why business
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Freelancing And Accounting: How To Manage Your Bookkeeping

When you work as a freelancer, you end up wearing a lot of hats at once. You are the boss, the employee and sometimes even the janitor. Then, of course there is the matter of managing your books. Some freelancers hire a bookkeeper to take care of this for them, but others do it themselves to save money. In either scenario, it is very easy to make some accounting errors
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COVID-19: Three Ways to Take Advantage of the Market Downturn

Concerns over the coronavirus and the effect it has on the economy are causing a lot of anxiety. Some have lost their jobs or their retirements. The future is unclear as the world waits to see what will happen next. There’s no way to know if this virus is going to stay around for a long time, if we will develop a vaccine, or even what the long term impacts
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Money: Tips to Become a Financial Writer

Although every human being desires to become wealthy, having too much money is not enough. An individual needs to acquire the necessary skills that will enable them make smart decisions and increase their sources of income. There are diverse questions on financial investment options and insufficient knowledge leaves most people confused over the steps to take. The knowledge gap provides a good opportunity for an individual to become a successful