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Which Film Heroes Have the Best AI?

AI technology has been featured in sci-fi movies for years. Once thought of as a distant future has pervasively become an integral part of our everyday lives. AI technology monitors and drives our buying habits, it’s how we operate appliances in our home, and it helps us decide what to watch on TV. Engineers are using AI in miraculous ways to improve life. Inventors are using thinking machines for food
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Bird Box Movie Review: Netflix Thriller Falls Short Of Hype!

By now you've seen the memes, heard about the blindfold challenge it has spawned and been talked about all across your timeline on social media. After seeing the much ballyhooed two-hour and four minute Netflix thriller, Bird Box, to say it was anti-climatic and mediocre at best is being too kind. Based on the Josh Malerman novel of the same name and directed by Susanne Bier, Bird Box stars Hollywood
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5 Secrets of Writing Interesting Movie Reviews with Examples

Writing movie reviews is one of the most exciting things to do with regards to creating the entertainment which comes through movies right after writing the movie scripts themselves. Movie reviews offer more insights into the movies often after the movies are released for viewing – and this is why movie reviews are quite exciting to read and write. However, writing movie reviews is a very technical and somewhat tasking
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Ready Player One Movie Review: Why It Is A Pop Culture Explosion!

The world of Ernest Cline’s “Ready Player One” novel is full of popular culture references and callbacks that to get them all, footnotes need added for some chapters. For the long-awaited movie adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg, you will need multiple viewings to catch them all. Thankfully, the story that serves as the main skeleton to all the pop culture tributes is one that is a universal story of acceptance
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Black Panther Movie Review: Did It Pull Punches?

Marvel Studios track record since the start of the current Marvel Cinematic Universe has had very few low points. Critics did not exactly fall in love with one of the movies (The Incredible Hulk starring Ed Norton), and since most of the MCU is now under the control of the Walt Disney empire, there seems to be a level of quality that the MCU has to meet with each of
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Conor McGregor: The Notorious Review: Documentary A Gritty Rags-To-Riches Masterpiece

Before the fame, fortune, UFC title belts, being called Notorious and his mega-fight with Floyd Mayweather, he was just a guy from the rough streets of Dublin named Conor McGregor. Brash. Arrogant. Unapologetic. Whatever adjectives you use to describe the outspoken and charismatic Irish-born MMA megastar you can also call him champion, father and self-made brand name. Aside from his two UFC title belts, record-setting purse vs. Floyd and YouTube-worthy
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Playing With Dolls – Havoc Review: Fresh Reprieve From Failed Hollywood Formula, Q and A with Stormi Maya

In a genre that has as many successful franchises such as Friday The 13th and Saw, the horror genre is to the point of near exhaustion.For every Annabelle, Exorcist, Psycho, Alien and Scream, there is Event Horizon, Fraility and The Mist. If you are into straight-up gory and violent slasher flicks with lots of screaming and attractive women fighting for their lives, then Playing with Dolls: Havoc may be just
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Sony/Marvel finally get it right with Spider-Man: Homecoming

Nothing is more satisfying than finally seeing a beloved character portrayed right on the big screen. After years of movies that were both hit and miss at the same time, Spider-Man: Homecoming finally gets Peter Parker and Spider-Man right. There’s a stark contrast between Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man and previous iterations. The film separates itself from previous movies in the most important way, adventure. Watching Spider-Man: Homecoming felt like