Bagwell, Raines, Pudge Join Hall of Fame

Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame class for 2017 has been announced, with Jeff Bagwell, Tim Raines and Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez becoming the 317th, 318th and 319th people to join those already at Cooperstown. The three position players each finished with at least 75 percent of the vote, Bagwell leading the way with 86.2%. Trevor […]

Fantasy Baseball
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Fantasy Baseball: Arizona Diamondbacks Hitters Preview

Today we take our first look at the upcoming fantasy baseball season, as we start our team previews going in the only logical order: alphabetically. The Arizona Diamondbacks are up first, with part one outlining everything you need to know about the Desert Snakes’ hitters to prepare for your fantasy baseball draft. Catcher – Jeff […]

philadelphia phillies
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Philadelphia Phillies: Michael Saunders is key to success in more ways than one

The Philadelphia Phillies are making all the right moves, even if fans can’t see the big picture. The Phils, in my opinion, can be contenders for the NL East crown in 2017, and while I get laughed at for saying this, they must understand that baseball is not like any other sport. A big name or […]

World Baseball Classic
MLB Sports World Baseball Classic

World Baseball Classic Preview: Team Mexico

Teams continue to prepare themselves for the upcoming World Baseball Classic which starts on March 6th. Some teams are more complete than others, such as Team Mexico whose roster is nearly ready to go. With Edgar Gonzalez at the helm once again, Team Mexico will look to improve their fortune in the World Baseball Classic. […]

new york yankees
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New York Yankees: Is Ryan Howard worth a look?

The New York Yankees are looking towards the future but a veteran with a winning attitude and resume may be worth a gamble. Since free agency started the Yankees have been rumored to be interested in a few bats. While most are of the power variety the team must be careful not to overspend for […]

Toronto Blue Jays
MLB Sports Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays: 2017 Will See a Change in Identity

When MLB fans hear the name Toronto Blue Jays, they tend to think of a power-hitting team who crushed home run after home run. They were led by the likes of Edwin Encarnacion, Jose Bautista, Josh Donaldson, and Troy Tulowitzki. With such high profile names on offense, the clubs’ pitching staff would often be an afterthought. […]

Detroit Tigers
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What Will The Detroit Tigers Do With Joe Jimenez?

The Detroit Tigers are continuing to strengthen their bullpen. To do so, one of the key players they are bringing to Spring Training is Joe Jimenez. What makes Jimenez’s invitation to Spring Training interesting is the fact that many people regard him as the future closer of the Detroit Tigers. While he is yet to […]