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INSCMagazine Named One Of The “Best Blogs To Follow” In 2018!

In what can be described as a major achievement, Cleveland, Ohio-based digital lifestyle magazine, web resource and social media influencer, INSCMagazine has been named one of the "Best Blogs To Follow In '18" by ElectrosawHQ.com and "Best Blogging Sites" by influencer blog, Blog Frog. Since launching Dec. 8 of 2012, INSCMagazine (The Inscriber : Digital Magazine, INSC), a digital lifestyle magazine that covers sports, entertainment and lifestyle, has had 5.0
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Personal Finance: 3 Ways To Rehabilitate Your Bad Credit

Bad debt is a problem that haunts millions of Americans. Times get tough, and with how easy it is to get credit for many college students and people just starting out, it can be even easier to make a series of poor decisions that lead into bad debt. And once you’re there, it often seems like there’s no way out. Combine this with how confusing it can be to figure
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Living: 7 Small Changes Can Save Your Water And Money!

Want to save money on your electricity, water or gas usage? For example, you could go for a tankless water heater to cut down expenses on both fuel and water. Thus,  The smart way to save your money depends on how you use the water and electricity on a daily basis. Let me show you how small changes in your routine usage can make a significant difference. You will found
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Joseph Isaacs: Q and A with Buzz Pop Cocktails CEO

With winter coming up, many are looking for a way to stay warm, yet be cool at the same time. Thanks to the choice of many adult beverages and cocktails this holiday season ranging from vodka, champagne, wine and beer, one has many options on how to get their alcoholic fix. If you are looking for something very different, cool and refreshing, this holiday season then perhaps a Buzz Pop
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Interviews: Q and A With DeWalt Brewing’s Christopher DeWalt, The Coolest New Name In Craft Brewing

If there is one thing Americans love is alcohol. Especially beer. Whether it is Budweiser, Coors or Miller, the love of a cold one is one that is ingrained into the American cultural psyche as a hot dog on MLB Opening Day. A newer trend that has been gaining much attention over the last few years is that of crafted beers and micro-brewing. According to Bob Barnes of the popular