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San Francisco 49ers Look Ugly In Season Opening Loss To The Arizona Cardinals

The first few minutes of the 2020 season seemed good for the San Fransico 49ers. Robbie Gould started with a field goal to give the 49ers a 3-0 lead. For the Arizona Cardinals the 49ers defense forced a punt after allowing a first down.  Raheem Mostert then took advantage of a mistake by rookie Isaiah Simmons resulting in a 76 yard touchdown reception and a 10-0 lead. After San Francisco's
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The Ignorance Of Skip Bayless Towards Dak Prescott Is Disturbing

Fox Sports 1 may soon have to part ways with Skip Bayless thanks to his ignorant comments directed at Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. Bayless said "you're commanding a lot of young men and some older men and they're all looking to you to be their CEO. To be in charge of the football team because of all that I don't have sympathy for him going public with I got
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Model, Actress, Exercise Guru, and Now Entrepreneur: Katya Bakat is Strutting Her Stuff with HappyHealthyFancy

The opening scene of Katya Bakat's YouTube video is a striking vision. Strutting in catwalk-style, Bakat is obviously working two of her natural gifts: modeling and acting. A stunning blonde with flawless features, she is mesmerizing. Quickly, she gets to her point. She addresses the audience by saying, "Welcome to my world." A model, an actress, and an exercise guru -- Katya is there to share her expertise.   Katya's YouTube
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Success With Caleb Boxx

Penthouse in Dallas. Favorite muscle car. An entrepreneur who works only a few hours per week. The name behind multiple YouTube channels with 3 million subscribers and over 400 million views.   And he never has to show his face on camera.   Meet Caleb Boxx, the man behind YouTube Automation   Not so long ago, Caleb Boxx (@calebboxx) had only $200 in his pocket, had just dropped out of
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The Oakland Athletics Must Part Ways With Hitting Coach Darren Bush

To say the Oakland Athletics offense has been dreadful so far in 2020 is an understatement. It actually goes back to 2019 in which situational hitting became non-existent and the result of that a loss in the wildcard to the Tampa Bay Rays and blame goes directly to hitting coach Darren Bush. Obviously the A's offense is rolling when making pitchers work and the hope for Bush is that it will
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Athletics Upgrade Second Base With Acquisition Of Tommy La Stella

It's no secret the Oakland Athletics offense is struggling. Arguably their weakest spot in the lineup is second base as Tony Kemp, Chad Pinder and Franklin Barreto have hit a combined .206 with one home run and five rbi. Making a move necessary and the result acquiring Tommy La Stella from the Los Angeles Angels. La Stella is an immediate upgrade. At the time of the trade he was hitting
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Singer and Noted Instagrammer Kevin Keew Releases a New Single, “Brazilian Style”

England’s own Kevin Keew’s new single “Brazilian Style” pays tribute to the Latin country’s unique and amazing musical heritage, featuring Samba, Bailey Funk, and the dance craze “Passinho dos Maloka.” Singer, model, and an influencer with 841K followers on Instagram, Keew is in love with all things Brazilian, and his new hit is catchy, memorable, and infectious to any crowd. “Brazilian Style,” available now on Spotify, gets its inspiration from
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#MeToo: Kobe Bryant Tributes Are A Joke, What If It Was Your Daughter?

On August 23rd Kobe Byrant would have turned 42 years of age and of course plenty of tributes got directed towards him on social media. Still the one question that comes to mind is what if what he did happened to your daughter? Imagine her coming home from work. Inconsolable! Then heading to a police station to report that she got raped and after telling her story needing to go to the hospital
Peter Tuchman/ NYSE/ AP
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S&P 500 breaks records during a pandemic!

By Daniel Betancourt/ OptionsSwing Inc August (18th), 2020 An incredible rally from the March lows has left the market in awe… There were those that doubted and there were those that rode it. A 55% drop led by a +55% recovery all within the span of six months. A V-Shape recovery is what President Trump called it back in April and that is exactly what it has been. Something the
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Resilience CBD Helps You Crush Your Goals

The CBD industry has grown a lot in the last couple of years as more and more people have discovered its benefits. Several entrepreneurs and businesspeople have decided to venture in this business and started companies to sell their products. Those are the people who did it for the money. But there are others who founded their companies based on their personal experiences and their desires to help others who