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What You Need to Know About Online Therapy

Long gone are the days when you need to book an appointment to see a therapist. The digital age has given us more convenient options to seek therapy from the comfort of our laptops. With the growing popularity of online therapy, here are the essentials you should know before booking a session.  It’s ConvenientYou can book a session with the click of a button on your laptop or by downloading
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Recognizing Addiction: How to Know Someone is Abusing

Addiction can take on many forms, depending on the substance somebody’s addicted to. It’s one of the most troublesome diseases of modern age and it’s something that’s so widespread that it knows no boundaries regarding age, gender, race or geographical location. One of the main issues with drug addicts is that they are usually good at hiding their problems and it’s sometimes very hard to notice that a loved one
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Wellness: Importance of Practicing Mindfulness to Overcome Addiction

Practicing mindfulness makes it easier for substance abuse addicts to deal with their addiction problem. Addiction makes a person act on autopilot. Reaching for the next fix or bottle of alcohol becomes a mindless activity. There are many ways that substance abuse victims can use to cure their addiction problem. Test Country blog provides various treatment programs that can help drug users. Practicing mindfulness is another proven strategy that helps
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Wellness: Finding Your Mental Health Solutions

Your health matters and that includes your mental health. For generations, humans have focused more on understanding our physical health rather than our mental health. That’s likely why, to this day, many of us find it easier and simpler to head to a primary care physician for a physical check-up rather than sit down with a therapist for a mental health check-up. Stigmas still hold too many Americans back from
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Psychology Clinics 101: What Are These And How Does It Help?

Mental health is an integral part of overall health. Unfortunately, mental health issues are most often overlooked, undetected, or under-assessed, even when the World Health Organization or WHO has identified that half of all the mental illness starts at 14 years old. Mental illness is a touchy subject and a taboo to some people. Even when the numbers are rising, the social stigma concerning these are still prevalent and is
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Wellness: Worthy Reasons To Choose Online Therapy Over In-Person Therapy

While you’re all set to find yourself the best counselor in the market, you will find yourself taking several different things into consideration like their experience, their location, insurance and several other things. Apart from all these considerations, did you ever wonder whether or not you actually wish to work with a counselor in-person or an online counselor? If you choose in-person counselor, you have to visit their private office
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How Men Can Actively Combat Depression

Depression is one of the most common health conditions for men, yet there continues to be a stigma attached to confronting or talking about mental illness. However, there is no shame in admitting you are living with depression, as the condition affects millions of people across the world. If you believe you are living with the mental illness, and you want to take control of your health once and for
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#LetsTalk: She’s Such A Drama Queen! The Truth About Anxiety and Depression

“She just going through a phase” “Here he goes attention seeking again” “She’s such a drama queen” Unfortunately, these phrases are commonly used especially by adults and young persons in a way to describe someone suffering with a mental health condition. In my opinion, all I can describe these types off comments as is arrogant and unknowledgeable. Welcome to the latest #LetsTalk column with myself Grace J Teal this week
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Have Better Sex Tonight! Seven Ways To Spice Up Sex in Your Married Life

Married couples may turn many things into a routine, but they do not have to do that with their sex life if they learn how to spice it up. No one likes reruns. They think they are boring and wonder why they keep watching the same thing over and over. Couples that have been married for a while may think that their sex life is like the reruns. They may
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#LetsTalk With Grace J Teal: Hypnotherapy. What Is it And Why It Works.

If you break your arm you go to hospital and get it fixed... so why is there such a stigma attached to mental health, it’s just another part of your body that’s broken. Welcome to this week's #LetsTalk article with myself Grace J Teal. Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone’s overwhelming response and support with my recent articles and I hope it has helped and