Los Angeles Lakers
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Los Angeles Lakers are hoping Lonzo Ball, Brook Lopez can mirror Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

When the Los Angeles Lakers traded for Brook Lopez then selected Lonzo Ball in the NBA Draft, fans had to take notice. Somewhere lost in the shuffle of the Lakers moving on from the Kobe Bryant era was the fact that they may have taken a step backward into the “Showtime” days. In the ’80’s […]

Boston Celtics
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The Boston Celtics do not need Paul George to win a championship

The Boston Celtics finished the 2016-17 NBA regular season with 53 wins, good for the best record in the Eastern Conference. Yes, you read that correctly. The Celtics won more games than the Cleveland Cavaliers, however, the playoffs is where it counts. While the Celtics were finally able to get out of the first round, the […]

Philadelphia 76ers
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Philadelphia 76ers: Should they go after Rajon Rondo?

The Philadelphia 76ers are building towards the future but in order to do so, they must learn to combine a little veteran presence with the young. Brett Brown has plans to start Ben Simmons at PG and have Markelle Fultz move to the 2-spot. Is that wise? We have yet to see what he can […]

Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers NBA Sports

Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Free Agents Magic Johnson should target this offseason

The Los Angeles Lakers are right on the cusp. You wouldn’t think so by their 2016 record of 26-56. The team is young and under new direction, however, the goal is still the same– win a championship. Magic Johnson has the job of turning these young players into winners and if we know Magic– he […]

Carmelo Anthony
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NBA Rumors: Carmelo Anthony, Paul George and Faried could all join Cleveland Cavaliers next week

Stop the presses. There are NBA Rumors reports that the Cleveland Cavaliers are making moves to form what can only be described as the most powerful team in NBA history. As a fan of the NBA, I hate it. Gone are the days that teams won championships through the NBA Draft. Nowadays, it’s about Free Agency, trades […]

Charlotte Hornets
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Charlotte Hornets: Kemba Walker, Dwight Howard pairing puts team in top 3 in East

The Charlotte Hornets said they have suffered enough. Michael Jordan is tired of the losing as is Kemba Walker. The Hornets just made one of their biggest trades in team’s history when they acquired the services of Dwight Howard earlier this week. What this does is put the Hornets in prime position to challenge the likes […]

NBA Rumors
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NBA Rumors: Is Dwyane Wade on the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers radar?

With the NBA Finals and NBA Draft over now is the time for NBA Rumors to get crazy, especially for teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers. With Free Agency set to begin July 1st, you can expect a ton of rumors in regards to some of your favorite players and teams. One, that has […]