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What if fans were allowed to pick NBA All-Star Dunk Contest participants?

The NBA All-Star Game is a showcase of the best talent in the league. But most importantly, it’s for the fans. Fans vote for starters of the main every year but the main event is no longer the game. It’s the Dunk Contest. Why are fans not allowed to vote for that contest? I have […]

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New York Knicks: Why is Carmelo Anthony holding team hostage?

When you reach a certain level in your career you should be allowed to pick and choose. You’ve put in the time and the achievements and are giving the big contacts but more importantly, you have the no-trade clause. When Carmelo Anthony was given one by the New York Knicks it was seen as protection […]

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Phoenix Suns, Philadelphia 76ers should swap Brandon Knight and Jahlil Okafor

It’s funny how things have a way of working themselves out. Before the season started, NBA Trade Rumors had the Phoenix Suns moving Eric Bledsoe and the Philadelphia 76ers taking offers for Nerlens Noel. But, the season has brought new hope for both teams and now the rumors are starting to hit that those same […]

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NBA: The Lakers are foolish not to trade for Nerlens Noel

We are approximately over a month away from the NBA trade deadline and it seems there is another team who has expressed interest in Philadelphia 76ers center Nerlens Noel. Over the last few weeks, several NBA teams have expressed interest in Noel from the Portland Trail Blazers to the Dallas Mavericks. The newest team to […]

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Throwback Thursday: Sundiata Gaines

During the 2008 NBA draft, A young guard out of Georgia university sat nervously waiting to hear the commissioner to say the name Sundiata Gaines. After waiting all night Sundiata Gaines went undrafted. After his first attempt to join the league failed, Gaines decided to take his talents to the Italian league, where he had a stint with NGC Cantu. The next […]

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Sacramento Kings: DeMarcus Cousins will sign, but what’s next?

The Sacramento Kings managed to get the hard part out the way. Per reports, the Kings and DeMarcus Cousins have agreed on an extension that will pay Cousins over $207M.  That’s a ton of cash for a player that has not led his team to the playoffs since arriving in 2010. But, these are the […]

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Philadelphia 76ers: Why they must trade Jahlil Okafor and keep Nerlens Noel

The Philadelphia 76ers find themselves in a position most NBA teams would love to be in. In the three seasons of tanking the 76ers managed to build a wealth of talent through high draft picks. Now, the same picks may be what gets the team back into the playoffs. In the offseason, there were rumors […]