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Oklahoma City Thunder: Franchise-Defining Season Begins Anew In OKC

Last night it began anew for me, the tenth season of the Oklahoma City Thunder here on the Great Plains and the 2017-18 NBA season. Sure, the 102-91 win over the New Orleans Pelicans was just the second of four exhibitions before the actual season begins in a couple of weeks, but the routine started […]

Los Angeles Lakers NBA

Los Angeles Lakers: 3 Goals for Brandon Ingram in 2017-18

Brandon Ingram was drafted with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft by the Los Angeles Lakers and showed major signs of development throughout his rookie season. He did enough to make Magic Johnson view him as “untouchable” in trade talks this offseason, as the Lakers look to build with him as […]

Cleveland Cavaliers NBA

Cleveland Cavaliers: Three Goals for Derrick Rose in 2017-18

Derrick Rose is heading into the 2017-18 NBA season looking to resurrect his career with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He has looked good in training camp and is expected to have a large role with his new team. Injuries have been the story of Rose’s career. At one point with the Chicago Bulls, Rose was an […]

Indiana Pacers NBA

Indiana Pacers: Three Goals for Myles Turner in 2017-18

Myles Turner is set to open the 2017-18 NBA season as the face of the Indiana Pacers. After seeing Paul George get traded this past offseason, his expectations have risen for the upcoming season. Indiana is going through a re-tooling phase, but they strongly believe that Turner is capable of being their franchise leader. If […]

NBA New Orleans Pelicans

New Orleans Pelicans: Three Goals for Rajon Rondo in 2017-18

Rajon Rondo was one of the more intriguing free agents this offseason in the NBA and it took some time for him to find a contract. Finally, the New Orleans Pelicans decided to give him an offer and he was happy to accept. Now, he will pair with Jrue Holiday in the Pelicans’ back-court and […]

Los Angeles Lakers NBA

Los Angeles Lakers: Three Goals for Julius Randle in 2017-18

Julius Randle heard his name mentioned in trade rumors all offseason long, mostly attached to the Paul George saga that many thought would end with the Indiana Pacers acquiring Randle. That did not end up happening and Randle is preparing for his fourth NBA season with the Lakers. At just 22 years of age, Randle […]

Chicago Bulls NBA

Chicago Bulls: Three Goals for Kris Dunn in 2017-18

Kris Dunn was part of the blockbuster trade that sent Jimmy Butler to the Minnesota Timberwolves and is expected to be a key part of the Chicago Bulls’ rebuilding process. They are hoping that he will break out and reach his full potential, which would mean that he would earn the starting point guard role […]