6 Beauty Essentials for A Natural Look All Day

It’s the high time for makeups once again. And one of the most popular looks is the no makeup, natural ensemble. While it doesn’t make sense at first, this is what girls usually go for because of its simplicity and convenience. However, keep in mind that a winning natural look also needs a strong natural […]

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Beauty: Introducing Acids Into Your Skincare Routine

Just hearing the word ‘acid’ may lead your mind to conjure up images from a horror movie, yet it all depends on the product you’re talking about. These days, a bevy of acids – everything from citric right through glycolic acid – are the star players in skincare products that everyone wants to own. Acids […]

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Beauty: 5 Little Known Mistakes You’re Making with Your Flat Iron

Getting a salon style blowout at home is no easy task. After all, that’s why you pay the big bucks to get your hair done professionally. However, with the right tools on hand, you can get an amazing looking hairstyle. In fact, your number one tool for sleek, beautiful, and stick straight hair is a […]

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Beauty: Beautiful And Bouncy Curls The Natural Way!

If you have a beautiful head of curly hair but you are tired of slathering on expensive products that promise results but don’t deliver, don’t fret; Mother Nature has the answers you have been looking for. Let’s start by busting a few beauty myths. First of all, curly hair doesn’t actually tangle up more than […]

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Beauty: The Changing ‘Ideal’ Female Look And The Trends That Sparked Them! (Infographic)

The female body ‘ideal’ has come almost full circle from the 1950s to today, inspired by the idols of the time, from Marilyn Monroe to Kim Kardashian. The average breast size has been on the rise over the years, growing significantly from 34B in the 1950s to 36DD today. Celebrity culture has also had a […]

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Beauty: Top Eight Home Remedies For Black Hair!

Having white hair at an early age has become a big problem in today’s time. It is important to know the reason why it is white. Sometimes due to genetic reasons, the hair starts to become white due to the hormonal changes. To hide it, people use color from mehandi till color. But there may […]


People Are Skipping Quick Beauty Fixes For These Solutions

Women repeat their morning makeup routines every single day of the week, often doing the same techniques and looks over and over again. When it comes to their brows, many customers go to the salon on a regular basis to keep them expertly waxed, threaded or shaped. These grooming routines can start to feel exhausting, […]

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La Femme: Girls’ Girls: Where Are You?

With all the women’s movements, marches and such, where are all the girls’ girls? They’re probably hanging out with their male friends, because the females are too busy hating each other. Even our so-called feminists are tearing other women down. Strong, confident women don’t hate other women. Period. Feminism by Definition “The theory of the […]

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Beauty: All You Need To Know About Contouring

If you look in a mirror and you think your face looks too angular, fat or long, this doesn’t mean you should start the search for an experienced cosmetic surgeon. This is because you are able to change the way the shape of your face appears, with a few simple makeup tricks. Highlighting and contouring […]

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Stretch Mark Products: Treatments and Solutions for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused by stretching and tugging. Stretch marks are also caused due to pregnancy and weight loss. The stretch marks are usually formed in areas such as thighs; breasts, belly, and can look ugly and unwanted. Stretch marks are visible so it can hammer your confidence as well. Many treatments and solutions are […]