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Beauty: 8 Surprising Habits That You May Not Realize But Are Making You Look Older!

Aging signs are inevitable but do you know a few habits of yours are contributing towards you developing those early wrinkles on your face? If you are not liking what you are seeing in the mirror, then changing some of your habits might give you an ageless face and flawless beauty. Staying up late at […]

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How Yoga Enhances Sex And Sexual Health For Men and Women!

With the growing popularity of complementary therapy and alternative medicine, more and more people are practicing yoga. Although many engage in yoga as a form of exercise, its origins teaches how to attain balance in all aspects of life, most especially concerning diet, exercise, breathing, relaxation, and positive thinking and meditation. Two of the most […]

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Top 5 Skills That Make Or Break Your Beauty Career

Gaining a career in the beauty industry does require dedication and training. When you are just starting out, you may still have the drive and passion to make yourself succeed, but without the right training and a decent amount of skill, your dreams of having a beauty career can be dashed. For a lot of […]

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Dating: 5 Practical Tips on Conquering Commitment Phobia

Picture this – you meet this amazing person, strike an undeniable connection, there is chemistry, and soon you’re dating. Before you know it, things start to get serious and you begin to feel the reality of the situation. As this happens, you start to pull yourself back and gradually (but surely) become distant, leaving your […]

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Dating: How To Build Traditions With Your Partner

Traditions are a great way to create lasting memories with your partner. In fact, having special traditions with your partner can make your relationship feel more meaningful. But when you’re starting a relationship, it can be difficult to begin to build them. Traditions don’t happen overnight, but once you discover habits that you and your […]

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Style: Tips To Pick The Right Evening Gown For The Occasion

A beautiful evening gown is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. Why? Gowns are considered as the most stylish and elegant outfit. There are several designers selling dresses in various colors and patterns. Despite having so many options in gowns, girls find it difficult to choose the best one. There are many factors to consider […]


Living: The Unique Wedding, Why None Of Them Should Ever Be Alike!

No two brides are alike. Every bride has her own personality, dreams, goals, and talents. Yet, many weddings end up being cookie-cutter weddings. These are weddings where the bride wears the white gown, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are dressed traditionally and the bridal bouquet is made of roses. This is beautiful and lovely if it […]

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Entrepreneurship: 7 Ways to Make Women Business Traveling More Meaningful and Profitable

Traveling for business is never easy. Unfortunately, it’s even more challenging for women. Here are some tips to help you overcome these challenges today. When you spend at least a third of the year on the road traveling for business, it’s important to know how to efficiently and effectively pack your suitcase. This skill is […]

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Relationships: Romantic Gifts That Every Girl Wants From Her Boyfriend

All girls aspire to get the best of the presents from their man and also believe that whatever they want and might have conveyed some way or the other will be remembered and executed by their man. They expect the mushiest of the gifts in all the occasion and do not really care about the […]

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Peeling Toxins Away: 5 Things You Should Know About Face Masks

You scroll up and down on your social media accounts and find that friend of yours wearing a black mask of some sorts. Others wear it with cucumber slices over their eyes. In the world of beauty and wellness, these “masks” are called detox masks or simply facial masks. The trend started in South Korea […]