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Doctor Strange to have two credit scenes

In less than two weeks, Doctor Strange will be hitting theaters as the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Benedict Cumberbatch will be taking the title role of Doctor Stephen Strange in what is set to be Marvel’s most out of the box film to date.

Despite not hitting theaters until November 4th, the early reviews from critics are coming in. Those early reviews have been what any Marvel fan has come to expect when a new MCU film gets ready to drop: largely positive. Rotten Tomatoes has the film extremely close to 100 percent on the fresh scale in the early going. The visual effects are said to be some of the best of any Marvel film, plus Cumberbatch, who is set to host SNL in a few weeks, receiving overall great reviews for his take on Doctor Strange. The cast as a whole seems to be a clear highlight of the film as well.

And with those early reviews already hitting the internet, word about the famous Marvel mid and post credit scenes have also hit as well. From multiple sources, it sounds like fans should keep their butts in their seats after the film finishes. Marvel fans have come to expect this, with at least one tag associated with every MCU film to date.

But Doctor Strange will not only feature a mid-credit scene, but also a post-credit scene as well. It is always fun when Marvel drops two scenes during the credits, because it gives fans even more reasons to talk. Ant-Man is a great example of the two scenes working to perfection. They started us off with a nice tease for Captain America: Civil War, which showed Cap and Falcon finding Bucky in a tough situation. The scene was short enough to prompt plenty of questions while creating a ton of buzz for the next film. But it did not stop there, as the followup scene showed the reveal of the Wasp suit. This is a reveal that still has people talking, as we have yet to see Wasp in action.

So what are the two scenes from Doctor Strange? Well I am not going to spoil that here for those who do not want to know. But for those of you who cannot wait until November 4th, have no fear, you can read about them at the following two links from Cinemablend and Looper.

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