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MLB Rumors: New York Mets pushing to get Jonathan Lucroy

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The New York Mets have up the trade to Milwaukee. The latest offer is that the Mets are offering Travis d’Arnaud, Brandon Nimmo, and a third player. If the New York Mets can land Jonathan Lucroy, it could give them a boost in offense, for a team that has been struggling greatly.

Many baseball insiders are reporting that Travis d’Arnaud will be the centerpiece of the trade and outfielder Brandon Nimmo is recently added to the trade. According to Fox’s Ken Rosenthal, the hitch is who the third player is that the Mets are offering. Once source close to the trade talks has stated that the Brewers view Brandon Nimmo as a fourth- outfielder type of player, the third player that the Mets include in the trade needs to be a high-level prospect. One name that comes to mind is Don Smith, a first baseman who is in high regards with the Mets has been a possible name mentioned. It is unclear at the current time if Don Smith will be the third player to be dealt.

A second baseball source said that the New York Mets were in on Jonathan Lucroy, but that said person, is unsure of how willing they are to meet the Brewers asking price. Lucroy is a two- time All-Star who is batting .300 with 13 homers and he has a OPS of .844 this season. Lucroy also has control from the 2017 season as he is expected to make a reasonable $5.25 million as a team option whether he is still with the Brewers or the Mets if he does not get a new contract with the New York Mets.

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