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New York Jets: 3 thoughts after loss to Seattle Seahawks

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On Sunday afternoon, the New York Jets were playing the Seattle Seahawks at Metlife Stadium and loss by the score of 27-17. The New York Jets fall to 1-3, and the Seahawks are now 3-1. This was a terrible loss for the Jets from the head coach Todd Bowles to quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to others.

For the second week in a row, the turnovers ended up being the reason why the Jets loss. In the last two weeks, Ryan Fitzpatrick has thrown nine interceptions and has been crapping the bed. I am going to say this right now, bench Fitzpatrick and start Geno Smith. In the last two weeks, he has thrown nine interceptions and had one touchdown. If the Jets continue to allow Fitzpatrick to be the starting QB, this will be a long season for them. I thought that after the Buffalo win that this team was going to do great.

You also need to put the blame on Todd Bowles. He mishandled the usage of the clock and made odd choices. For example, when he decided to use two timeouts as the Seahawks were on the Jets six-yard line. You can also blame the offensive coordinator, Chan Gailey, for not using this offense towards the full potential. This is evident by the fact that he almost never uses Matt Forte. In the last two weeks, he has not broken 70 rushing yards. Also, I found it a bit ridiculous that the Jets allowed Jimmy Graham to run all over them today. I think somebody forgot to tell the Jets defense to cover him.

Going further, the Jets need to plug the rushing game into the game plan so that Ryan Fitzpatrick is not throwing the ball 45 times a game. But this game could be described as being poorly managed and poorly played. The Seahawks are on a bye next week, and the Jets head to Heinz Field to play the Pittsburgh Steelers at 1 pm on Sunday.

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