Lip Balm Treatment

Having dry skin on the lips makes them appear dull and dark. Here are a few ways of lip balm treatment that can help you get rid of dark lips and make them feel healthy.

Honey Lip Balm and Scrub

Honey works really well on dark lips. It is one such ingredient that helps in lightening the dark lips and making them smooth and soft. There are many lip balms and scrubs available in the market that can be considered as the best remedy for the treatment of dark lips. Especially the naked bee lip balm, it does wonders to the dark lips. With regular application you can easily attain the original color of your lips in no time. Gentle exfoliation can also be considered as an easy way to remove dead skin cells from the lips. The method may cause some irritation and sensitivity as the skin on the lips is extremely delicate. This is why exfoliation is good only if done once in a week. 


Drinking enough fluids is one of the most important remedies when it comes to treating dryness of lips and skin. Lips being a sensitive area of the body may tend to become dry and dark very easily. All you need is a special care and hydration that doesn’t make the lips parched and dry. Drinking water can never be enough. Consider including a slice of cucumber or lemon to a glass of water for a delicious and refreshing drink. Also,lip balms and treatments work really well here. You don’t have to do anything extra if you sincerely follow the treatment.


Apart from lip balm treatment for dark lips, there are many prevailing cosmetic treatments that are used for lightening dark lips. They include creams, chemical peels, laser treatment etc. These options help to reduce the melanin in the skin or stop the production of the same in the skin. These treatments should be carried out under the observation of an experienced professional as there are many side effects too.

Keeping Lips Healthy

The skin of the lips is comparatively thinner than any other part of the body. They neither have sweat glands nor are protected by hair like many other parts of the body. Due to this drying of lips becomes easy and obvious. Dry skin on the lips make them look duller than usual. With regular moisturising of lips and adaptation of different lip balm treatments you can keep your lips’ skin hydrated and healthy. The certainty that the skin on the lips is sensitive also gives rise to the fact they are vulnerable to sun, smoking and use of other cosmetic products. Hence anything that is applied to the lips should be tested in advance.

Lip color is natural and does not always need treatment. If your lips have become dark with time, you should consider visiting a skin specialist before experimenting on your own. You can also keep your lips healthy by eating healthy food, regular moisturising etc.

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