Are you an ardent Kratom lover and want to experience different varieties and strains of it? If yes, we know a seller exclusively for your needs. Kratomnesia is an Indonesian Kratom seller based in East Java. They ship their products from there to the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe, where it is legal. They own its fields in Indonesia, which ensures the quality and potency of the products. On their website, the seller also boasts about their experienced cultivators who pick matured leaves for them in those fields. You can find the seller on their website and on different online marketplaces where they sell it in different quantities. You can buy their products in retail and also in bulk. Options range from pre-packaged/ labeled powder to powder packed in bulk quantities from 10 to 5,000 kilos. 

5 Things To Consider Before Entering The Kratom Market

The market has grown beyond any previous estimates in the United States, and if you are also planning to open a Kratom selling business, here is what you need to do.


If you plan to open a Kratom business, first, you must have a basic understanding of this market. However, half knowledge is always dangerous, so before opening, learn everything you can learn about its industry in the United States. Our suggestion will be to start from its regulations in your area because while it is legal on the federal level, many states regulate the consumption of it. Similarly, the DEA is also trying hard to declare Kratom illegal. As a result, it is unlawful to buy, sell, possess, or use its products in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin. So, it’s better to equip yourself with proper knowledge of this industry.

    Making Your Presence Known Online

The world was slowly becoming digital, but the Covid pandemic increased its speed significantly. Nowadays, the Kratom community is very active online, and you may also find some of your prospective buyers in the subreddit or on other social media platforms. On these platforms, you can also learn about the likes and dislikes of its users, which will help you position your brand much better.

    Find A Trustworthy Bulk Supplier

While many suppliers are selling it, not all have the logistics capacity to ship it internationally to the United States. So, you can either start with franchise-type bulk vendors or launch your brand. For launching your brand, you will need to find a vendor who sells white-label Kratom. The White-label or private label vendors allow you to put your brand on the Kratom products. So, if you want to create your brand in its industry, you should go with these vendors. However, franchise-type vendors also have their benefits, like if you order more than a threshold, the franchise may set up a website and payment gateway for you.

    Legal Aspects

Once you have secured your supply chains, you also need to take care of the legal aspects of selling it in the United States. For example, if you are selling it through a website, you need to list legal disclaimers on your website. Similarly, it would be best to be cautious about describing the listed products; remember that the FDA doesn’t review Kratom products; however, they keep a keen eye on websites selling it. So, you should sell these products only as a health supplement, not as a drug. Finally, for a clear legal view, you can also consult with a business attorney whose field is Kratom and related high-risk businesses.

    Have A Backup Plan

Imagine what you will do if your state authorities suddenly declare it illegal? You should be ready to become compliant in the shortest possible time. Similarly, you must keep some reserve money for covering legal complaints and unexpected charges. It will be wise to have different methods of accepting payments because many banks and credit card companies don’t work with its businesses.

How To Buy Kratom Online

If you want to buy it for personal use, there are plenty of options to buy. From Red Borneo to Green Maeng da and from Green Sumatra to Yellow Cambodia, you will find many variants and blends to choose from. For retail packages of small quantities, you can either go to their website or any other marketplace where they are listed. However, if you plan to buy in bulk for setting up your Kratom business, you can get even better deals. For bulk customers, the vendor also gives options to spill the order in different strains as per your choice. The company sells close to 60 strains, which is another milestone. The company also partners through franchise business with small-time sellers who want to sell in large quantities locally. So, before selecting any strain, please research it, like the demand, potency, and the number of users in the locality you plan to open. Once you have done proper research, you can easily open its head shop. 

 Why You Should Buy Kratom In Bulk

Buying Kratom from vendors in bulk has many benefits. Some of them are as follows:

  1. A large number of strains to choose from
  2. Transparency in transaction and shipping.
  3. Availability of premium quality of it, as they have Kratom fields in Indonesia.
  4. Brand recognition because the seller is a well-established and well-trusted brand, selling their product will make you reliable ultimately.


This article discusses the different things to consider before entering the Kratom market yourself. If you have a trustworthy supplier who can supply premium quality kratom, most of your headaches related to your business will resolve. Kratomnesia can be your ideal partner in this, as they provide different strains like gold maeng da kratom, which you will require in your business. You can also check the vendor’s review on different reviewing websites for a general idea. However, if you want to have your brand, you will need to contact another supplier based in Indonesia, Malaysia, or anywhere else where Kratom grows.

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