Top Sights in East Tennessee

Curious about places to visit in the Southern United States? Are you wondering which sites should be the pick of your bunch and why?

Even though many states are there, you can’t possibly list down and choose from all the possible destinations, each with its specialties. Well, we can help you with that step by step. Here is the first step, helping you know the top places to visit in East Tennessee.

Traveling is not an extracurricular activity as a lifestyle to a fair amount of the global population. It is something that soothes you, something positive that takes your mind away from the woes of your everyday life and revitalizes you. That is one of the reasons that you ought to expect something from your destination. So that, when you reach it, you can sense that feeling of satisfaction and achievement. That is why you must also prepare and try not to be disappointed beforehand. It is only possible through proper research about the best sights to see at a destination. Luckily enough, we know the top 7 most famous and enjoyable places in East Tennessee (TN) for you. 

Top 7 Enjoyable Sights to See:

  • Smoky Mountain Farms:

East Tennessee got immensely blessed with some of the most beautiful landscapes, mountains, and geographical marvels. Such high altitudes and greenery often divert your interest towards witnessing the wildlife up close. That is where the Smoky Mountains Family farms come into play with a wonderfully large and aesthetically pleasing farm up in the mountains of Sevierville. It acts as a sanctuary for a wide variety of local animals, including deer, zebras, goats, reindeer, camels, and other exotic creatures. Apart from all its exotic features, it also allows access to nearby places to stay in Sevierville TN. This experience ranging from petting deer for the family to pony-back rides for the children is perfect for providing the relaxation you need.

  • Neyland Stadium:

The Knoxville-based football stadium among Tennessee’s already beautiful terrain often serves as the crown’s magnificent jewel. Home to the Tennessee Volunteers, the stadium is an awe-inspiring sight to see even when it’s empty. Although you are lucky enough to catch a game, you are in for one of the craziest experiences of your life. You will witness the environment with more than a hundred thousand fans cheering for their teams. Considering it is the 7th largest stadium globally, Neyland does get to be the host for several NFL games and various other events, including concerts and much more.

  • Tennessee Legend Distillery:

Famous for its winery, the top 7 destinations in East Tennessee are bound to include one. And which winery better than the local legends of the Smoky Mountain, known as the Tennessee Legends. It’s the perfect location for you to taste the local brand of Sevierville and the treat of the land. Although family-owned, it is probably not the place to bring your minor children, as the distillery does comply with the legal age limit. The location is most famous for its award-winning Salted Caramel whiskey. Furthermore, you can always take a souvenir home from the gift shop.

  • Forbidden Caverns:

The Forbidden Caverns serve as one of the key attractions in Tennessee for tourists across the globe. It is due to the cave’s perfectly preserved condition and the significantly rich history of the location. Furthermore, the destination succeeds in attracting interest from a wide variety of people, including families. Rather than just hosting speleologists, they have been continuously making discoveries about the cavern. And it is making it an evergreen location to visit on a trip that you will remember for life.

  • Tennessee Theatre:

Whether you like theatre or not, visiting the Tennessee Theatre has got to be on your destination list when you visit Knoxville. An establishment built in the late 1920s, the structure has stood tall for the past 93 years. Initially a movie theatre, the theatre has made its way into the list of American historical classics hosting countless screenplays over the years. Still functional and just as royal, the Tennessee theatre can provide you the experience of a lifetime by watching a play there.

  • Ijams Nature Center:

It is almost critical that you visit the Ijams Nature Center, which serves as the perfect destination to witness and interact with nature. The Knoxville center of attraction expects you to relax and interact with nature with various extracurricular physical activities. These including, climbing, running, hiking, and much more. The facility itself is more than a hundred years old, making it a historical site for you to ponder.

  • Knoxville Museum of Art:

The Knoxville Museum of Art (KMA) serves as a celebration of the visual arts in East Tennessee. Such that it has become one of the most cherished public sights in the Knoxville region. It is extraordinary as it showcases a majority of the raw and local talent from the heart of eastern Tennessee.


Conclusively, you need to research your desired location before making the trip. You can make a list of sights to see, similar to this, priorly so that you don’t have to worry about where to go when you reach the place. Luckily, you won’t have to worry about visiting Tennessee anymore. As with these top 7 sights to see in Tennessee, you won’t have to look anywhere else.

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