Wallets play a very important role and therefore the need to keep them in their best shape possible. This means that there are things that when put in wallets, they can subject them to wear and tear. Unless you are okay with the idea of buying wallets now and then, you should learn some ways through which you can maintain your wallet in good shape.

However, sometimes it doesn’t even have anything to do with the welfare of the wallet, but that of the things that you sometimes put in the wallet. You cannot just force everything you lay your hands upon in the wallet, because that is maybe not the best place to keep it.

You should therefore familiarize yourself with things that are meant to be kept in the wallet and those that don’t deserve to be there. This will not only help in pro-longing your wallet’s lifespan, but it will also protect the things you shouldn’t be keeping in your wallet. You shouldn’t forget the discomfort that comes with carrying around a stuffed wallet in your clothes’ pocket. So, what exactly are some of those things that you should avoid keeping in your wallet even if it is a purchase from Ed Charly or other reputable wallet designers?

Avoid Keeping These Things In Your Wallet

The following are some of the things you should avoid storing or carrying around in your pocket or card wallet;

ü Unbudgeted Lots Of Cash. Carrying around a wallet stuffed with lots of cash in it doesn’t only make you a target for pick-pockets, but also tempts you to spend it on things you had not budgeted for. It is much safer carrying a credit card instead, or learn to carry fewer bills to avoid impulse spending temptations. You should also consider using pockets that don’t attract a lot of attention to your wallet.

ü Business Cards. As much as it is important to carry business cards around since you never know when you will be meeting your next client, they shouldn’t be kept or carried in a wallet. This is because they are likely to maim or even lose their original color because of being bundled together in your wallet day in day out. You definitely don’t want to be handing out kind of washed out business cards to prospective customers.

ü USB Drives. Losing your credit cards is a tragedy, but losing a credit card together with a USB drive with important information that isn’t backed up anywhere else is catastrophic. Besides risking losing a USB drive with important files, you also subject your wallet to unnecessary pressure that may lead to early wear and tear since majority of wallets are designed to maintain their slim figure. So how about you protect both information and the wallet.

ü Condoms. While wallets may be the ideal place to carry your condoms for privacy reasons, they are not the best them for them. This is because of the constant friction and heat that accompanies wallets and this may result to microscopic tears.

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