Just because you are a fan of baseball does not mean you know every single person involved in the game. For example, if you live on the East Coast, you may not know the tv and radio personalities of teams outside the ones that work for the teams that are considered your hometown team.

If you are a big enough fan of MLB, you likely have MLB Extra Innings. This allows you to get access to personalities around the game. I would fall on that list. As a result, the San Francisco Giants broadcast team has become my favorite in baseball besides the fact that I live in New Jersey.

But it also allows me to see my personal favorite reporter in the game as well. Her name is Alanna Rizzo, and she works for Sports Net LA with the Los Angeles Dodgers. If you are not familiar with Rizzo, I highly recommend you check out a Dodgers game on television.

Rizzo, who is not related to Chicago Cubs’ first baseman Anthony Rizzo, has such a fun personality. It is clear that she loves what she does, making everything feel more real. It is Rizzo’s true passion for her work that makes her stand out.

Any one of us would love to cover a sports team for a living. So it is always a downer when you come across a reporter who either is not enjoying themselves when they are on tv or simply not all that knowledgeable about the game. That is not the case for Alanna.

Rizzo, from Colorado, got into the game of baseball with her home-state team, the Colorado Rockies. This is where I first came across her. The excitement in her voice when she would talk about the likes of Todd Helton immediately made her name stick in my mind.

So needless to say, when I saw her pop up on MLB Network (Intentional Talk in particular), in 2012, I was beyond excited. All of the great traits she possessed in her Rockies days were still evident during her stint with MLB Network. Rizzo would leave the station in 2013 as she moved to her current position with the Dodgers and Sports Net LA.

A few weeks back, I reached out to Alanna on Twitter. I had asked if she would mind answering a few questions for an article I was writing. Unsurprisingly, Alanna was kind enough to take the time to answer the few questions I have listed below.

Enjoy the following “interview” I had with Alanna (KM representing myself, and AR representing Alanna Rizzo).

KM: Growing up, what drew you to a career in the world of sports? 

AR: Growing up I always had a passion for sports as a participant as well as a spectator.  I never imagined it as a career until much later in my adult life.  Between Christmas and the new year of 2001, I had an epiphany.  I asked myself if I could do any job in the world, if money wasn’t an object, what would it be? Because of my passion and interest for sports, I decided to pursue a career in Broadcast Journalism with an emphasis in sports. I started out in market 142 in Wichita Falls, TX and after working in Madison, WI (market 82) and then Denver, Colo., (market 18), I went to MLB Network and am now in my 4th season covering the Los Angeles Dodgers.

KM: What is your favorite part of working for Sports Net LA and the Dodgers?

AR: The Los Angeles Dodgers is an organization of rich and vibrant history.  Many Dodger legends are still at the park today.  It is not uncommon to see Don Newcombe, Sandy Koufax or Tommy Lasorda in the hallways or on the field.  I have the honor and privilege of working daily with Orel Hershiser & Nomar Garciaparra.  I was honored to work in the presence of Vin Scully for my first three seasons.  With the amazing addition of Joe Davis, I am confident that our broadcast team is the best in the business.

KM: Which is your favorite ballpark to visit and why?

AR: My favorite ballpark is PNC, the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates.  It has a breathtaking skyline of the city behind center field, flanked by bridges.  It is absolutely beautiful.

KM: What made you gravitate towards baseball as opposed to any other sports?

AR: Growing up I was, (and still am), a diehard Denver Broncos and University of Colorado football fan.  At the beginning, baseball was an opportunity for me.  Now it has become a passion and a very rewarding career.  When I first began covering baseball as the Rockies reporter, I barely knew what a sinker ball pitcher was.  I’ve learned a bit since then!

KM: If there is one message you could tell young, aspiring sports reporters/writers?

AR: Whether you’re a young man or young woman trying to get into this industry, be prepared to sacrifice.  Be prepared to pay your dues.  Be prepared to move.  Be prepared to make very little money in the beginning.  Be prepared with thoughtful and insightful questions.  Work hard.  Take initiative.  Be different.  Above all, grow thick skin.  Good luck.

End interview.

I would just like to take the time to once again thank Alanna Rizzo. She did not need to reply to my tweet. But she did. So thank you Alanna.

If you ever have the chance to put on the Dodgers game and get the Sports Net LA feed, make sure you keep an eye out for her. She will be there, and she will be having a great time as she takes in the best sport on Earth.

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