There is a lot going on for Oliver Queen and Team Arrow on the CW’s hit superhero show Arrow. Mayor Queen is currently facing impeachment thanks to the coverup surrounding Billy Malone’s death. Thea and Felicity have gotten Susan Williams fired. But that is because she was asking Oliver the “Are you the Green Arrow?” question. These two things have left the couple in shambles.

And all of this before we even touch on the show’s big baddie for the season, Prometheus. With each passing week, we seem to get to a few new hints about the villain. But I want to take things back a few weeks and touch upon the baddie and the member of Oliver’s team that was playing the double agent.


The character I am referring to is Evelyn Sharp, also known as Artemis. We have not seen her since episode nine of the season, “What We Leave Behind”. When we last saw her, she turned on Rene and the rest of the team, siding with Prometheus. She aligned herself with the bad guy with the desire of seeing Oliver perish.

But we know that Prometheus wants to see Oliver suffer. He is not going to kill Mayor Queen with a simple arrow or gunshot, like Artemis wants. With the show now approaching episode 15 of the season, one has to wonder if Artemis has decided to move on from Prometheus and look to take out Oliver herself.

Now, Prometheus has not really been too central to the storylines in the last few episodes, which could explain the absence of Artemis. But, he has not been completely absent either. Given his mysterious backstory and all the questions that still remain, it is possible Artemis could have a greater connection to the villain.

But we simply do not know. It would seem odd to have her just disappear completely following her betrayal. It seems like Prometheus is the one who is behind trying to get Oliver impeached. That means he is likely to be brought back into the fold in the coming week or two.

I would imagine with him will come Artemis. If she does decide to go after Oliver on her own, it is not going to be a pretty breakup between her and our mystery man. In other words, it is something that will likely happen on screen, not off it.

Even if her on-screen time is not going to last much longer (as I expect her to be killed by Prometheus at some point), she is certainly likely to return within the season. It is possible they are going to keep her away until the very end if they wanted to bring her in as a surprise by saving Oliver from Prometheus after determining he is the greater evil.

So what do you think? When will Artemis return to Arrow? Is it possible we do not see her again this season? Or will she pop back up within the next few weeks? Tell us in the comments!

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