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Real Fit Talk! Top Healthy Meal Prep Foods To Try This Coming Autumn

As the seasons change from summer to autumn, so do our moods and choices of food, even our enthusiasm for exercise may wane. Even the healthiest eater would feel less tempted by a salad as the autumn begins to draw in. The nights turn dark earlier and earlier and those comforting foods become more and more enticing. However, just because you crave something other than a salad does not mean
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Real Fit Life: 7 Highly Effective Testosterone Boosting Tips

#1: Increase healthy fat intake Following a low-fat diet is a very effective method to destroy testosterone production. Healthy sources of dietary fat provide the building blocks to support optimal testosterone production. At least 30% of overall dietary intake should be derived from healthy fats such as: olive oil, coconut oil, coconut butter, nuts, seeds etc. Some do even better with higher intakes of fat such as myself so don’t
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Real Fit Life: Super Foods That Increase Your Metabolic Rate, Burn Up Calories And Help With Weight Reduction

The superfood groups are the super heroes of the nutrition world, hailing special powers and properties, giving them a status above other foods.These special powers vary from building bones, preventing disease, improving your eyesight, and helping to elevate your brain activity. What would you think if the superfood helped increase your metabolic rate, helped with weight reduction, fat metabolism, and helped you stay at your goal?Personally, if I could really