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College Football: Big games, or just a vanity?

"Vanity of vanities, says the Teacher, vanity of vanities! All is vanity". This, at least, was the opinion of wise old King Solomon in backward old testament times. But in a more enlightened age of science and reason, it seems college students on campuses across the country have a different opinion. Students are spending exorbitant amounts of time and money to see supposedly big college football games at home, on
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Grayson Allen: College Basketball’s New Villain

The relatively recent "one and done" model of success at the college basketball level has had disastrous consequences for the overall well-being of the sport. Blue-chip schools such as Duke, North Carolina, and especially Kentucky hog virtually all the top recruits and reload so well that their strings of success become a blur of top-flight talent coming in and out. Two seasons ago, a more well-balanced Wisconsin team tried to
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Army Achieves Long Awaited Triumph

To a previous generation of Americans, it was Pearl Harbor that was "a date shall live in infamy". To today's generation, surely this day is the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Since then our nation has embarked on a  costly and deadly war on terror, survived a terrible market crash and recently went through a bitter and rancorous election. Occurring simultaneously with our nation's and Army's struggles the
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Stoicism: Avoiding Life’s Peaks And Valleys

The 2016 MLB season was full of much excitement for Cubs fans, who finally lived their dreams of winning the World Series. It's easy to forget now, but in April of 2014, the same excitement was held by Brewers fans, whose team was off to a fast start, putting Carlos Gomez on the cover of Sports Illustrated. This author, however, being a bit of an experienced Brewers fan, had this

Jill Stein: A Different Shade of Green

Fielding Yost, the old coach at Michigan at the turn of the century, had the following advice for those who accepted defeat: "all quitters are good losers." It seems this advice was not followed by a losing candidate in the 2016 election. And I don't mean Hilary Clinton. In three states, at this point far after the election, Green candidate Dr. Jill Stein has filed for a recount, surreptitiously to
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Big Ten Championship Game: Preview, playoff picture implications

Saturday Michigan and Ohio State battled it out in a thrilling double overtime affair ultimately won by the Bucks 30-27. It was a game chock-full of playoff implications and paves the way for an appetizing Big Ten Championship showdown between Wisconsin and Penn State. Wait, Penn State? Although OSU almost certainly clinched a spot in the playoff with a very strong resume, and also knocked Michigan completely out of the