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Robb Misso, An Award-Winning CEO, Describes the Theories of Employee Motivation

What motivates an employee to do their best work? Is it more money, more fringe benefits, the promise of a promotion? The topic of employee motivation has been studied for nearly a century, and the answer to the question is that all of the above can be great motivators, but alone they aren't usually enough to encourage employees to become loyal, committed workers who contribute to the success of their
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Carole Hambleton-Moser On Rejuvenating Your Life with the Benefits of Volunteering

The power of volunteering is palpable. It’s surprising benefits, both physical and emotional, have been documented and scientifically verified many times over. Regardless of background: penurious or affluent, even the most potent people enjoy the benefits of serving others. The key lies in investment: both in yourself and the community you aim to serve. While there are many ways to volunteer, the most well-documented efforts are service oriented which traditionally