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Views From The 22: Power Rankings Vol. 2

One shallen't pursue smoke, if thy unable to withstand the flame! The Views From The 22 Facebook group is open to the public, you can file all your complaints in there and i shall respond in a reasonable time. Tier 1: 1-8 Tier 2: 9-14 Tier 3: 15-27 Tier 4: 28-32 Ravens- I had a hard time deciding who the number one spot should go to, ultimately the margin of
Views From The 22

Super Bowl 52 Matchups Part II: The Game Within The Game. The Trenches: Patriots Offensive Line vs. Eagles Defensive Line

In the 2nd installment of the trenches matchup we highlight the Patriots Offensive Line vs. the Eagles Defensive Line which will also be a crucial matchup in Super Bowl 52. Though the Patriots front five are not as talented as the Eagles front they still do a great job keeping a clean pocket for QB Tom Brady throughout the game. Brady’s only perceived weakness is he cannot scramble out of
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Super Bowl 52 Matchups: The Game Within The Game. The Trenches. Eagles Offensive Line vs. Patriots Front Seven

It’s the last week in January and that means Super Bowl Sunday is upon us. All the talk and debates across the Nation will be about the bigger names like the QBs playing in this game and deservedly so. One QB is arguably the greatest of all time and the other has exceeded all expectations since taking over as QB for the NFC Champion Philadelphia Eagles. Nick Foles has been
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Views From The 22

Super Bowl LII: The Philadelphia Eagles vs. The Ultimate Bird Of Prey, Tom Brady

The Bald Eagle is the national bird symbol of the United States; Tom Brady is the national symbol for the quarterback position of America’s Game. This Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles faceoff vs the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 52 from US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In our previous blog we highlighted the trenches matchup of the Eagles offensive line vs the Patriots front 7. The main point being
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Views From The 22

Super Bowl LII: Nick Foles vs. Tom Brady, The Matchup Of The QB’s

By JermSoTru This year's Super Bowl matchup may not have a better storyline than the matchup of Tom Brady vs. Nick Foles. The ultimate matchup of greatness and consistency vs. potential and inconsistency—or as I would call it—potential vs credentials. While Foles just needs to keep it simple and not turn the ball over, Brady’s job isn't nearly as simple. So here I want to highlight the challenges facing each