Jameis Winston and Mike Evans look like the perfect combo in the league right now, Watching the Winston to Evans connection is something special to see. Which this year will only become better, because once DeSean Jackson blows the top off of the opposing defense, Evans is going to have more opportunities to make big plays. This offense is going to be extremely explosive this year, seeing first hand at training camp how big and explosive these receivers and tight end are, and then adding arguably one of the fastest receivers in the league is only going to improve this passing offense into one of the top 5 offense in the league.

While Mike Evans makes some amazing catches within the last three years, his focus needs to be on not dropping the ball, while he has been in the top 5 in the league for having dropped passes, this year will be different considering all the help that is on the roster now. Regardless, Evans was making outstanding catches during training camp today, making sure he was catching the ball first before he took off running. Yet, Evans had a lot less coverage, considering every defensive player had the assignment to watch a certain player, and then have two players over the top, the standard Tampa 2 Defense. Jackson was blowing passes his corner and making the safety jump to him, making the other safety slide into the middle to create a hole on the opposite side, where Evans was coming in the clutch against one on one coverage and making a big time catch. This new combination of Evans and Jackson are going to cause a lot of havoc for opposing defenses, mainly because even covering the two of them, you still have to deal with whatever slot receiver will be in man coverage against the slot corner along with the tight end that will be running man coverage with the linebacker. Which either matchup is going to be a headache because in both positions the offense will beat out the opposing defense nine times out of ten.

This offense has shown great improvement and maturity going into the new season this year, and are looking to turn some heads with how great this offense will be. While this may only be preseason and training camp that we are witnessing this offense take the field, in their first game against the Miami Dolphins, expect this offense to put up huge numbers and a lot of points, with a number of playmakers this offense has going into this year.

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