Not quite sure if Orlando City Soccer Club is unable to sustain the heat, or if the Lions are not sure what a playoff race really is. For the last ten games, which in Florida was the beginning of summer, Orlando City SC is currently 2-4-4 against fellow MLS teams.

Yet, Orlando somehow still has the fifth place position in the playoff race, and is three points ahead of seventh place. But there is a sense of panic, after Orlando was embarrassed against Toronto FC at home losing 3-1, the fans are experiencing some serious deja vu, as for the past three seasons, Orlando has hit a speed bump in the summer, which typically has kept Orlando out of the playoff race.

The whole reason for me bringing this up, is to find a solution to the teams struggles. It’s getting to the point for Jason Kreis and the rest of Orlando City OC to resolve the issue, have a consistent line up, and execute a playoff berth.

Whether it is finding another superstar from across the seas on a loan, or making a trade to build a team for the future.

KaKa stated he wants to be with Orlando for an extended period of time, but with that happening, he is potentially going to have to take a pay cut, as he is not the most valuable player on the team anymore, especially since at the beginning of the season, KaKa was injured and Orlando City SC was able to go on an unbeaten streak while he was out.

Cyle Larin is the youngest talent on the team, and the team is afraid of losing him to potential EPL teams. For Orlando to keep success, they need to keep Larin for the future, potentially trade Carlos Rivas, and ask KaKa to take a pay cut, which will allow more trades and more free agency acquisitions.

While this is all a theory and just an opinionated article, this is what I feel would be the best help to make Orlando City SC a playoff team for many years to come, including this year. What do you think Orlando City SC should do to ensure a playoff spot, and do you think that they can overcome their struggles this season, to obtain their first ever playoff berth.

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