New England Patriots Mock Draft
Ryan Anderson - Alabama
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New England Patriots: Four round 2017 Mock Draft

It's hard to say what a team must improve on when considering they were dominant on both sides. Their offense finished the season ranked 4th overall and the defense finished 8th overall. When you consider the players they've added during the offseason, some would think that the Patriots are going to be even better in 2017. That being said, the New England Patriots always have room for improvement. The Pats

Wrestlers Who Never Had The Opportunity To Main Event WrestleMania

Bruno Sammartino never had the chance to main event a WrestleMania card. The same holds true for Buddy Rogers or Lou Thesz. King Kong Bundy did. As did Syd Justice and Sgt. Slaughter. Not to diminish either performer, but they couldn’t carry the boots of some of the superstars of years past. Likes of Rogers, Thesz and Sammartino were well past their primes when Vince McMahon bought WWWF for his
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Miami Dolphins: Consistency is key.

The Miami Dolphins made big moves in a small way this offseason. The team enjoyed their first semi-successful season in years. So how did the Dolphins respond? The 2017 offseason for Miami was all about sending a message. If players step up and do their jobs, the money will come. The Dolphins aren’t spending the same this offseason. They’re not throwing money at the biggest name players in hopes of
Survivor Game Changers
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Survivor Game Changers: A View From A Fan (“Survivor Jackpot”)

Survivor’s second episode saw even more twists to change the game more than it already has. The most notable change was the switching of the tribes. They didn’t just swap buffs, they went from two tribes to three. With that came the introduction of the Tavua tribe, who basically had to start their own camp from scratch. [NickG] Things got interesting at the Nuku camp when J.T. led efforts to
Minnesota Vikings Mock Draft
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Minnesota Vikings: Four round 2017 Mock NFL Draft

The Minnesota Vikings surprised many when they traded away their first round pick to the Philadelphia Eagles for quarterback Sam Bradford. However, the Vikings offense struggled mightily, even with the addition of Bradford. The Vikings finished the season ranked 28th in total offense behind their 3rd ranked defense. This shows that Minnesota has the defense to make a super bowl run but they MUST strengthen their offense. Showing to be
Green Bay Packers Mock Draft
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Green Bay Packers: Four round mock 2017 NFL Draft

When looking at the Green Bay Packers you would have to say they have the offense. They finished the regular season ranked 8th in total offense but 22nd in total defense. It's clear to Packer fans that they need some serious improvements on the defensive side of the ball. The Packers have one of the greatest quarterbacks that have ever played the game, but he needs help. They definitely added
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Victory Brewing Company Summer Love Ale Review

Spring is right around the corner, and that can only mean one thing - summer beer season is in the air. With that, one thing comes to mind to many of a beer connoisseur -  “what should I drink?” With there being a huge list of summer beers, this is often a difficult decision. Sure you could cop out and go for Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy or Sam Adams’s Summer Ale. I
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World Baseball Classic: USA Punches Ticket to Semi-Finals

It's March. While most of the sports world is focused on college basketball, there's another big tournament going on that has not disappointed. After two rounds of pool play, the semi-finals for the World Baseball Classic are set. The United States punched their ticket to Los Angeles for the second time in tournament history with a dramatic 6-3 win over the mighty Dominican Republic. The Americans will join Puerto Rico,
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Should We Really Care About Paige’s Privacy Being Exposed?

COMMENTARY – So WWE superstar Paige made a sex video. Should we be surprised? So the videos released, without her permission, showed the former women’s champion with current and former WWE performers. Should we be that all shocked? [DavidL] Not to sound cold or callous, but nothing the company’s resident bad girl shocks me and the fact this hasn’t happened sooner is more shocking to me. Professional wrestling isn’t immune