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Become a Celebrity Makeup Artist by Following These Rules

Becoming a celebrity makeup artist is what an artist dreams about but your dream can become a reality if you know a few tactics to enter the industry. Once you build a relationship with a celebrity client, it, in general, lasts a lifetime as the trust builds hence, we have listed a few tips below that will help you to become a celebrity makeup artist; Enroll in a Makeup Course:
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First Date Nightmares! Don’t Get “The Short End Of The Stick”!

I have had several of my own nightmare online first dates. Such as, the man I went out with, whom, I then consequently saw on an episode of “Evil Twins” on the Investigation Discovery channel; As well as the man who claimed to be a foreign diplomat….. needless to say, he wasn’t!! I will be sharing these stories in future articles, but right now I would like to share with
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Beauty: What is a Dermaroller?

Dermarollers are skincare devices that help in rejuvenating the skin, reducing signs of aging, and treating acne scarring. Though it was originally performed by dermatologists, dermarolling is now a common process that’s done at home with minimal training. Over the past few years, the procedure has gained immense popularity as an accessible, efficient, and non-invasive skincare treatment. Understanding a Dermaroller Dermarollers are often utilized for treating an extensive range of
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Sex: How to Tell Someone You Only Wanna Hook Up

You may have found some people that you would like to hook up with, but you do not intend to date them for some reason, like maybe you feel that they have some qualities that you cannot put up with for long. However, it is not easy to keep away emotions during the interactions with people you may hook up with. The critical thing is to indicate from the very
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Crucial Things to Understand About Halal Nail Polish

If you are a Muslim lady, it is obvious that you are envious of the other women who have perfectly manicured as well as colorful nails. Nail polish is something that Muslim women are not allowed to wear until they are going through their monthly cycles or are getting excused from the regular prayers that they have to perform. Ablution or Wudu is something that is not considered to be
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3 Surprising Benefits of Regular Sex for Women of a Certain Age

As we get older, our body tends to change, and not always for the best. An ache here and there, we get tired faster, and not all body parts are listening to us. But you know what? This doesn’t mean we should stop with the things we love, especially when it comes to having sex. You are still very vital after you cross a certain age threshold, and not only
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The Best Fashion Trends You Cannot Miss Out On

Everyone wants to stay up-to-date with style trends, but it can feel like a revolving door as new fashions come in as quickly as they go out. There are, however, some trends that stand the test of time and continue to look chic and classic year after year. You should try and pair these classic pieces with new styles as this way, you can be sure that you’re ticking at
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The passion for fine jewelry has an exotic name: Balisarda!

  It’s amazing how a single piece of jewelry can instantly improve your mood. There’s no better feeling than getting a sophisticated bracelet that can change the music in any outfit or a statement ring that highlights your hands. You feel powerful, beautiful and extremely sexy. The fine jewelry industry has evolved a lot. Nowadays it’s impossible not to find something that defines you. This is the principle that defines
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Beauty: History of Cosmetic Surgery

Perhaps since the beginning of time, we have made concerted efforts to change our outward appearances for the better. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that plastic surgery may be one of the world's oldest healing arts. In fact, there is documentation of the use of surgical means for correcting facial injuries dating back more than 4,000 years ago. However, progress in plastic surgery, like most of medicine, moved