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Jasmin Shojai’s New Look – Entering the Beauty & Fashion World

Fashion is a popular aesthetic expression in a certain time and context, most especially in clothing, footwear, lifestyle, accessories, makeup and hair styling, to name a few. It is a movement of expression, all over the world. It is apart of our pop culture. A trend in where there is constant changes and fusions of styles. For many individuals and public figures, fashion has opened many creative doors. Including for
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Issues with your nose? Here are 5 reasons why rhinoplasty might be the right decision!

Rhinoplasty, more generally known as a nose job, is a surgery that is performed on the nose to either change its shape or correct an abnormality. People have this surgery for various reasons, and it can provide many benefits. If you have issues with your nose, here are 5 reasons why rhinoplasty might be the right decision. May increase your confidence If you have always had an issue with the
Can Kratom Treat Skin Conditions
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Can Kratom Treat Skin Conditions?

Yeah, it is the right cosmetic business continually developing today, the variety of wellbeing and beauty products available in the market for people. Users think that it's challenging to comprehend which ingredients work for them while one explicit substance that has as of late been targeting the cosmetic business is kratom. While it has been used in many products for centuries in the southeast Asia, those in the west may
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Style: What Men Find Extremely Sexy In Women’s Fashion!

They often say that women fall in love with their ears and men with their eyes. Of course, we know that to be head over heels for someone, there is much more needed than just to like someone’s physical appearance, but it is undeniable that for the first sparkle to happen, looks do matter. Moreover, it seems that there are certain things that women do (consciously or subconsciously) which make
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The Vertical Facelift: What Makes it Different?

It seems the vertical facelift has recently surged in popularity in the plastic surgery industry, but why? It's easy to look at any facelift and say they're all the same or similarly effective. The truth is, however, that a lot of different facelifts may have distinct functionalities that work best with certain issues. Facelift procedures are constantly fading in and out of the industry. Gone are the days where a
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Beauty: Skincare Tips For Oily Skin

Oily skin is one of the most common skin types found all over the world. Though not the most preferred skin type, oily skin can be beneficial for people who live in places with a dry atmosphere. However, oily skin can lead to frequent breakouts and dull-looking skin all the time, which can be a huge problem. One of the basic features of oily skin is that the oil on
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6 Tips to Start a Conversation with Your Crush

It is normal to have a crush. Every one of us has experienced that. However, what is hard about having a crush is when you don't know how to start a conversation. Of course, talking to your crush is different from talking to someone that you don't have feelings for. You will feel awkward and shy. Sometimes, you start to stutter because you're the whole body is shaking when you