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How to Use Your Erotic Capital: Q & A With ‘Sugar Crush’ Author, Model & Entrepreneur, Raquel Baldelomar

Do looks matter? One would think that in the middle of a global pandemic such as COVID-19 that has killed 13.3 million worldwide, protests over systemic racism and the growing mask vs. anti-mask culture war that looks would be the LAST thing that anyone would think about. However, even now, they still do. In the Age of Social Media, look no further than platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat
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Beauty: How To Choose A Wig Perfectly?

Girls are very conscious of their beauty, and when it comes to fashion, females never left anything. From made to fake lashes, and from artificial wigs to nails, they always choose best for them. Today, it’s not easy to find beauty products and essentials because if you can’t get from the local market, don't worry, you can order them online. The Internet makes it easy to buy any brand from
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Beauty: Women Who Love Facials

Facials are most often the preferred finishing style for men in the porn industry. Now, it is being adopted by society in spas and during sexual intercourse with partners. According to a survey by Bad Girls Bible, ejaculating on your partner’s face—commonly known as facials—is the most popular option for men who are about to reach orgasm. The research shows that 16 per cent of ejaculations done outside the vagina
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How to Organize a Large Makeup or Product Collection in a Small Bathroom?

There's something about finding the perfect eyeshadow color. Or that particular lipgloss that glides on just right and makes you feel unstoppable. If you’re among the group of women who believe you can’t have too much makeup, you’re probably also suffering from a disorganized mess in your bathroom. This pile of products is hard to sift through to find the perfect color when you need it. This article will describe
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Beauty: Salon Tools and Technology to Help You Succeed

Starting a salon business means knowing more than just the latest hairstyles. Many independent salon owners in the United States forget that the beauty industry is about the whole package. While styles may change from last year to next year, there's strong evidence that the need for technology and new products will continue. Whether that's installing a wi-fi router in your beauty salon to choosing a better barber chair, there
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Beauty: Benefits Of Using CBD For Acne

CBD also called cannabidiol, a non-intoxicating component of hemp plants or marijuana. CBD is obtained as a powder. CBD is usually combined with an oil such as olive, coconut, each of which strengthens application and efficacy, thus the name "CBD oil." In skincare, CBD oil normally can't get you high as it doesn't have the brain-altering characteristics of the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content of marijuana. Acne can irritate the people of
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Sex: Rules of Finding One Night Stands On Tinder!

There are no rules for one night stand which is catching up the trend as so many sites are focussing on people looking for casual relationships and one fine example is ispace1 where you can also look up for a hookup partner. Tinder is an amazing dating app. The designers started a revolution in the dating world that many others have began to follow. Simplify the dating process and more
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Hair Salon in Singapore For Blonde Highlights & Scalp Treatments

If you are still uncertain about which salon to visit in Singapore for blonde highlights and scalp treatments, you should go through the tips below. It will ensure that you go to the right place to meet your expectations of beauty and fashion. Whether you need a brand-new hair cut or want to undergo some specialized hair treatment, make sure that you get the services that make you happy. Seek
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The Hustle: Dreams of Being an Instagram Model

So, you're sitting at home, looking through IG, and the thought comes into your mind that maybe just maybe, sharing photos of your drawings, baked goods, or your aesthetically-pleasing surroundings, or your selfie-game may pave the way to generate an actual business. Which is extremely relevant now because of COVID-19. It's possible, especially since a key part to it all is to utilize the resources you have That is, as