When a company makes the transition from one industry to another, all those involved must be aware of the many details required in order for success. One person who fully understands the need to create many ways to integrate differing skills is Dr. Frances Gilman.

Dr. Gilman received her doctorate in microbiology, and during the course of her work, she needed to master many skills and through her work she explored many places, including Greenland, where she studied how microorganisms in the soil might be a factor in climate change. As she began to come to the end of her studies at the University of Montana in Missoula, she started to think about the possibility of another possible path for her life and her overall career plans. It was this that led her to Blue Marble and set the tone for her current role at Socati.

Making a Change

For Dr. Gilman, her decision to leave the halls of university life and enter the world of business has meant a chance to use her research skills in new ways. She felt that her decision to join the team at Blue Marble was a great fit with her desire to enter the business and her desire to make the world a better place at the same time. Here she had the chance to work closely with a company that is noted for their concern about the environment and determination to bring products to market that are a positive thing for consumer. In the last few months, Blue Marble has been acquired by Socati. This change in company ownership has led to equally positive changes for Dr. Gilman. As she reveals in an interview here, she’s very pleased with Socati and her role within the company’s structure.

Building a Strong Team

Since the transition, Dr. Gilman has assumed many roles. Among these is assembling a strong team of qualified candidates who can fulfill Socati’s mission of providing water soluble CBD. She’s looking for people with varied skills. She’s pleased that all staffers at Blue Marble were kept on staff as the companies came together. In addition to the expertise offered by staffers at Blue Marble, she was pleased to have help from the staffers at Socati. Her belief is the new combined staff is one that will be able to tackle the challenges they face as they continue to develop new products. Before the acquisition, she points that Blue Marble focused on many different kinds of products across many different industries. The newly formed company means more of an opportunity to focus instead on a single product and bring it to many different kinds of markets.

Effective Research and Development

One of the many joys of being part of this new company is knowing that she is part of a team that has effective research and development practices. All of her team members understand the policies and procedures that go into what is known as Good Manufacturing Practice. They also know how to follow the standards that are involved in the Safe Quality Food or (SQF) program. At every single turn she and her team bear in mind the need to make sure they are producing products that are safe and of high quality at the same time. She also believes that it is the company’s ability to provide products where the end user is always in mind that will help bring the company to even greater success. These are ingredients that all people who use should be happy to have in their cannabinoid-related and other products, like THC-free, non-detectable THC, as well as CBG, CBC, CBN, and water-soluble CBD ingredients.

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