Who doesn’t love to do DIY projects especially when you can save money! It is the new trend nowadays, you can almost build anything in your backyard and you don’t have to hire a professional for that! Just follow the instructions and you’re done!

DIY projects can even improve the looks of your home. However, if you don’t want to take risks then you can hire a home improvement contractor to do the work for you.

However, these are some DIY home improvement projects which are really cheap, easy and truly spectacular!

DIY Fluffy Pom Pom Bin

This DIY fluffy pom pom bin is not only easy to make but will add a bit of nice texture and hide all your belongings, laundry and much more! You will need a fabric bin, raw wool roving, coordinating yarn, wallet-sized sturdy plastic card, a pair of scissors, and tapestry needle.

Wrap wool around the card for about 2.5 times and then slide off the wool and tie a knot around the center! Cut out the 4 loops with scissors and fluffy pom. Repeat this and make 18 pom poms, thread tapestry needle with both yarn tails of a pom. Afterward, insert the needle through both fabric layers of the side of the bin pulling the yarn through to the inside.

Repeat this process can stitch every pom pom on the fabric bin and voila! Your fluffy pom pom bin is ready!

DIY Gold Bolt Blanket Ladder

You can either buy a blanket ladder which will cost you more or you could make one in your budget! All you need is 3 1x4x8ft reclaimed wood pieces, 1 can of spray paint, 1 metallic color spray paint, screwdriver, 1/2in x 13 tpi x 2in. Stainless steel carriage bolt and nuts and 2 4in hinges.

You first need to spray paint the nut and bolts in metallic gold and paint the reclaimed wood pieces. Cut the 8ft plank into 5 30in pieces. Place the rungs on the other 8ft pieces. When the rungs are in the place and with the help of the screwdriver with a spade, drill through the rung and ladder. Bolt the two pieces together and repeat this process on other rungs, Your gold bolt blanket ladder is ready!

Hanging Book Storage

This hanging book storage is perfect to keep books and in addition to that, it looks sleek as well! On the other hand, it is easy to make also. All you need is 12 screw eyes, 6 large buttons, 48”x1/2” wooden dowels, cotton rope, 3 20”x28” pieces of fabric, needle & thread, disappearing ink pen, drill, fabric glue, and a ribbon tape.

First, drill holes in the dowels to insert screw eyes into them. Then insert a nail into the wall and tie the rope to the nail. After that, loop a piece of rope through the eye and knot it. Repeat this process all the way down. Take felt and mark where the buttons should be attached, stitch the buttons on the felt using the needle and the thread. Now, glue a part of felt passing through the dowel. Repeat the same process with other as well.

This can also be hung from a knob or hook on the wall or on the back of a door or on the side of a furniture. It is also compact so it can be stored in any closet which is not in use.

Wrapping Up

While these are some of the DIY projects that you can try! However, if you are looking to do home improvement in Richmond, VA, contact Smallwoodrenovations. com.

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