DIY Organization Ideas

You’ve downsized, you’ve cleaned, now it’s time to get things organized — once and for all! Use these nine DIY organization hacks to streamline your space.

Have you recently worked hard to improve your apartment? 

Maybe it has fantastic new decorations or you spent days deep cleaning it. Yet, despite feeling satisfied with the results, you’d like to be more organized. 

Believe it or not, but organizing things in your space can be a lot of fun. There are ways to create more functionality in your apartment that don’t take too much time. And it doesn’t require you having to go out and spend a lot of money. 

Are you ready to get started? 

Check out nine DIY organization ideas that’ll help you get things more in order! 


1. Get a Convertible Ottoman Bed 


There’s no need to overcrowd the apartment with a guest bed. Invest in a convertible ottoman bed, instead! An ottoman bed is fantastic because, during the day, it can act as an ottoman. Then, at night, it can transform into a bed. 

Depending on if you’ll need to use it regularly, you may choose to keep it as an ottoman unless a guest stays the night. 

Look for an ottoman bed that’s comfortable. If the ottoman isn’t that comfy when you sit on it, then chances are the bed won’t be the best for sleeping on either.

Find one that’s firm yet cushioned so that you can enjoy it both day and night.


2. Hang Extra S-hooks on the Shower Rod


Do you use s-hooks for your shower curtain? 

If you do, then you may want to consider getting a few extra hooks. 

Why should you invest in a few more hooks? 

It just so happens you can use an s-hook for more than holding up the shower curtain. 

An s-hook works well for holding extra towels. And, if you need to store extra toiletries, you could hang a lightweight caddy, too. 


3. Install Shelves Above the Door


Another way to further your organization projects is by putting a shelf above a door. 

Installing a single shelf or shelves above the door makes use of your space, and it can look pretty cool too! 

You can place framed pictures of loved ones on the shelf. And, it’s also the perfect spot to stash things you won’t need as often.

For example, you may have some extra books or want to put aside extra toiletries in a basket. Putting them on the shelf above the door is a fantastic way to get more organized! 


4. Get an Over the Sink Dish Drying Rack 


Get organized and save counter space by getting an over-the-sink dish drying rack. When you have a drying rack over your sink, you’ll have much more space on your counters! 

Plus, having dishes dry above the sink makes it easy peasy to access them. 

Make sure you get a drying rack that has holes at the bottom of it. Moisture from the wet dishes must have a place to escape.


5. Use Storage Bins With Handles 


Storage bins are mighty helpful and can hold a lot of your stuff. 

However, have you ever tried to take a container out only to have its contents spill everywhere?

Having a basket with handles can prevent this from happening.

Organize different closets using storage baskets with handles. Having handles will make it simple for you to take them out whenever you need them. 

Plus, if the bin is heavy, handles can also make it easier to lift them out of the closet. 


6. Use Vintage Boxes to Store Items & Create a Nightstand


Vintage hat boxes and suitcases aren’t a lot of money and just so happen to be perfect for storing things in. 

Make them multi-purpose by stacking them next to your bed for an instant nightstand. 

So that they won’t topple over, don’t store heavy items in the suitcases. Especially if they’re vintage, you don’t want them falling apart and creating a mess on your floor! 

Vintage hat boxes and suitcases are better suited for storing lightweight items. A few examples of what to put in them are clothing and sentimental keepsakes. 


7. Try This Genius Hanger Hack


Making use of your closet space can get frustrating, especially if you have a ton of clothing! Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to create more space. 

One hack, in particular, is hanging many shirts on the same hanger. To hang more than one shirt, you’ll need an s-hook, hanger, and a chain. 

Check out this tutorial on storing many clothing items by only using an s-hook, hanger, and chain! Now, you can keep all the clothing you want (within reason, of course)! 


8. Use a Room Divider for Extra Storage 


If you want to divide and conquer your space and belongings, get a room divider with storage. 

Nowadays, you can buy a bookshelf room divider and similar dividers. A separator with room for storage is a clever way to split up your space and store your belongings. 

A room divider bookshelf, in particular, looks fantastic with books and decor. First, alphabetize your books or organize them by color. Then, take it one step further by sprinkling in some decor that’ll match your favorite novels! 


9. Use a Cork Board To Hang Jewelry


Having jewelry boxes takes up space and can get rather bulky. Plus, depending on the type of boxes you’re using, it’s easy for jewelry to get tangled.

There’s another option to keeping your jewelry organized without having boxes. Hang up a cork board and use decorative push pins to hold up all kinds of jewelry on it! 

If you’re short on wall space, the cork board can go behind the doorway or in another spot. For example, consider putting it in your closet behind the door so it won’t take up any valuable wall space.




After making things more organized, don’t forget to sit back and appreciate all your hard work. 

You may have enjoyed making use of your space and using multi-purpose items like s-hooks. Well, you’ll be happy to learn that there are more DIY tips where these came from! 

Continue to apply new organization ideas and your apartment will undoubtedly transform into the tidy space of your dreams!

Caitlin Sinclair is the Property Manager at 21Lux with five years of property management experience and many more in Customer Service. She shares her passion for her community and looks forward to making 21Lux the place to call home.

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