Conveyor rollers find a wide range of application in several industries including food industries to warehouses, manufacturing units to other processes. Other materials available in conveyor rollers often tend to pose a challenge in moist or wet weather condition set up where they tend to catch on corrosion. Again, when the requirement of load lifting is comparatively low, you can look for alternatives to steel conveyor rollers. Apart from this, since steel conveyor rollers or gravity conveyor rollers are high-end material though, but are always pretty expensive. If you have a budget limitation for your conveyor roller it becomes difficult to fit in this expensive equipment. However,  at the same time, compromising with easy and swift working in your manufacturing unit or warehouse is also not worth. Thus you can go for a better option which is a polymer or plastic conveyor rollers.

Featured Advantages

  • Definite low-cost alternative to stainless steel conveyor rollers.
  • One of the best options for running freely lightweight loads.
  • An excellent option for areas experiencing a moist and humid weather.
  • Does not leave behind any mark when it comes in contact with flat surfaces or white top surfaces or modular belt surfaces.
  • You can avail these rollers in different color shades as well.

Wear Resistance

In case of stainless steel conveyor rollers which are capable of withstanding extensively heavy loads, while carrying these loads the friction and pressure exerted on the supporting pipelines lead to fast abrasion due to metal to metal friction. This shortens the longevity of the rollers. However, when polymer or plastic rollers are subjected to this kind of pressure and friction, though the pressure may defer as per weight, the scale of friction lowers owing to the difference of materials. Besides, nowadays plastic conveyor rollers are available with exclusive urethane coating which offers a comprehensive safeguard to the pipelines from metal on metal friction. Besides this, urethane coating on polymer rollers is also popularly known for their non-marking quality.

Best for Humid Weather

It is important to note that in moist weather conditions, metals are subject to reaction with the moisture leading to corrosion, color changes, fast abrasion rate, etc. major issues which result in shortening the life duration of the rollers. However, you have plastic rollers for your conveyor system these are coated with urethane which is resistant to moisture. Therefore, not only it withstands the abrasion caused by moist weather but also helps you to efficiently utilize the rollers to their optimum longevity.

Cost Effective

For those having budget, restraints can also try out polymer conveyor rollers. There are various types of plastic rollers available in the market for conveyors, however,, there is one type which has typical V-shaped structure. These are somewhere around 180 pounds and have the extensive capacity of carrying gas pipelines or chemical pipelines of 33 tons. Therefore, since every particular roller type, design, size has its capacity of carrying loads; you need to confirm your requirement before you try out on any deal.

Dimensional Stability

If you compare the polymer rollers to steel or even rubber rollers, they are stable to dimensional expansions under high temperature. Therefore, when the rollers are subjected to elevated temperatures, they do not pose a challenge to dimensional changes. Since dimensional changes can effectively disrupt the normal functioning of the conveyor system, their dimensional stability is considered as a high-end advantage.

Therefore, considering the wide range of benefits these plastic rollers are one of the best options if one cannot afford steel conveyor rollers or even any other kind of advanced options available in the market.

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