During his time in the entertainment world, Nick McCandless came face to face with a greatly upsetting fact. He realized that most models and influencers remained under-paid and unprotected by their employing agencies / brands / platforms for a larger part of their tenure within the industry. Nick clearly saw that there was great potential within this field for increased monetization for models and influencers, provided someone was there to apply the right strategies.

At the same time, Nick had also become aware of the tremendous potential that social media held in terms of brand outreach. All such factors eventually led Nick McCandless to create his own firm McCandless Group – that focused on effectively monetizing models and influencers with the visibility and earning opportunities that they deserve.

McCandless Group deals in designing, building, and managing customized websites and platforms for influencers and models across the globe. At the same time, Nick McCandless is more than your everyday businessman. He works closely with each model and client under his wing and acquaints them with prevalent business techniques and strategies in the industry. Consequently, his partnership with his clients is fittingly personal – allowing them to understand the business world and grow accordingly.

Nick has been a long-standing genius in the world of digital marketing. He began learning basic software principles at the tender age of 14, when he used to design and build his own websites. Given his keen intellect, Nick McCandless was able to grow into a successful software entrepreneur who eventually began to collaborate with known figures in the heart of Hollywood. With the immense experience that he has gained as a website creator and virtual promoter, he has been able to help numerous models and influencers optimize their careers.

Of course, at its initiation, Nick had to put in immense amounts of hard work to stabilize the venture. He worked tirelessly every single day, hardly allowing himself any breaks, which led to extreme mental exhaustion. Like any young entrepreneur, Nick McCandless only had himself to rely upon to grow his business. However, today McCandless Group has grown into a multi-million-dollar firm with an outreach of over 250 million fans and followers.

Nick claims that this is only the first step to the long journey he has planned ahead, and we sincerely hope that he only sees his achievements moving uphill.

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