23-year-old university student Clare Roberts has started to suffer from hair loss last year. Clare was a popular and successful university student. Everybody knew her with her iconic hairstyle; she was always making her hair in a tight ponytail and using some products to fix her hair and make it look shiner.

Eventually, Clare noticed some thinning on the front line of her hair; especially on the temples. She thought it is only a temporary thing and did not pay attention.

However, Clare’s hair thinning has turned into a serious hair loss; when the baldness has increased and enlarged Clare consulted to a doctor and found out that the reason of her hair loss is Traction Alopecia which occurs as a result of tight hairstyles forcing and pulling the hair. Clare’s iconic hairstyle made her suffer from severe hair loss.

Clare tried many treatments to get her hair back including herbal oils, shampoos, lotions, medications but none of them provided her with an effective solution, “I knew the best treatment was hair transplant scar but what I did not know back then was how affordable hair transplants were in Turkey. I was a student and I did not have enough money to cover such treatment in UK.”

After Clare discovered hair transplant Turkey treatments she was very relieved, “They help you a lot even before you go there; none of my question remained unanswered. Now it has been almost a year since I had hair transplant and I am so pleased to see the new hair growing in the bald spots. I did not even know a woman could benefit from hair transplants”

Clare’s medical consultant in Monoplant Hair Clinic, the medical center performed her Turkey hair transplant treatment, says “our hair transplant specialists have performed Clare’s operation with FUE technique; this is the most advanced technique which is effective on almost all types of hair loss conditions.”



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