If you have kids who are weak at spellings, or you are a kid and having difficulties learning spells then you are at the best place. In this article, you will find comprehensive strategies to learn spells. By reading this article you will understand how to teach your kids spellings or how to teach yourself too.

To be a good writer, you have to improve your writing skills because writing is included in one of the top tremendous methods for kids. I know you all are thinking about why writing has this important because it expresses creative ideas, thoughts, and uniqueness. Furthermore, writing has been considered a fundamental method, using which kids learn to generate, assemble, and categorize their unique ideas. This healthy activity helps them to be a good reader. If you want to pursue your future as a good writer, it is essential to strengthening your vocabulary. Here the question arises in your mind how to nourish your vocabulary, then do not worry you are at the right place. Start your Spelling test by using sight words. In this link, you will find out various spelling tests categorized from grade 1 to grade 12.

To learn big spell words are sometimes very burdensome for some kids. They get easily annoyed and exhausted while learning the spell. So ultimately, kids stop the learning phase. The majority of studies were conducted on the learning behavior of kids and results showed that sometimes kids learn the best from the playground. So, we can say that riddles and word games could be superb approaches for kids to learn new spells. Countless words have several meanings, so kids are easily confused among them. But that confusion is not anymore. Spelling city is the best platform for the kids to understand the words (having more than one meaning), learn the spell, and how to use the correct word at the correct place. The Spelling city has a vast collection of word games. You will get all the things in one place so do not waste your time and enter the spelling city to explore the best word games and boost your mind.

Some kids find it quite challenging to learn to spell. So SpellQuiz is here to solve your problems at spellquiz.com and start your spell quiz online. This test is specifically designed to boost K-12 kids to accomplish spelling tests, conducted at their schools. There are various spelling tests for kids but among them, Spelling Bee is one of the renowned spelling competitions, conducted to check your spelling. In spellquiz.com you will also find the spelling bee tests along with the numerous spell tests.

If you want to enhance your English vocabulary, then all you have to do is just follow the following steps. Take a look below and find the best steps to polish your English vocabulary.

Step 01

Every day give yourself a challenge, by practicing a quiz available at SpellQuiz. Say every single word in a loud voice. Make at least three sentences of the specific word. Try to use the word in your daily life sentences. By doing this activity the word keeps in your mind forever.

Step 02

After completing the sentence, read your written sentence thrice or at least twice, and if you made a mistake in the sentence try to improve the sentence by yourself without asking the help from others. Recognize the words you missed and if you made a spelling mistake, split the word and say aloud while looking at the word. By performing this exercise, you will find out your mistake.

Step 03

Close your eyes and visualize the split word in your mind and then spell the word loudly. This is an effective way to learn the spell.

Step 04

After doing close eye activity, re-write the word and make a sentence. Check your written sentence if it goes right then move forward to the next step, but if it goes again wrong then repeat step three twice at least.

Step 05                                                             

Do not forget to do your practice test at home one night before your test.


We considered English as a mixture of different layers of cake. As it is a layer cake language. This is not specifically classified to represent syllables, sounds, and morphemes, but the other specific reason is that its spellings originated from different languages. Which had come together over hundreds of years due to social and political upheavals in Great Britain.

By implementing the above-described methods your kids will learn the spellings successfully and accomplish your spell tests with flying color. Compared to youngsters’ kids learn easily. Kids have natural capabilities, but it requires the right assistance for learning. They have better learning powers than most of the other adults. So do not waste your time anymore and start learning spells from the given links.           

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