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Well-ironed clothes make a lasting impression. And we all agree, ironed clothes are a lot more than what meets the eye. The entire process of ironing is tedious, not forgetting to mention the different types of equipment required to iron those creases out.  And if you would prefer to not do your own ironing then find your perfect ironing helper at Helpling.

Apart from the iron itself, the ironing board is the second most crucial ironing equipment, which requires just as much maintenance as the iron does. So this post is all about how to keep the ironing board clean so that your clothes remain spotlessly clean as you iron them.

But here’s a quick tip before we begin – always check the ironing board before you start ironing. Always keep in mind that the iron and the ironing board are two surfaces to which your clothes will be exposed to, hence checking them both is essential. If you notice that either of them are spoilt, clean them right away. Even better is not waiting for the ironing board to get spoilt – simply clean it every two months, and you’re good to go!

Now let’s get started with the cleaning tips for the ironing board:

Set up the Board as you usually do

Lay out the board as you would before you begin ironing your clothes. Take a piece of cloth and gently wipe off any stray particles or dust that may have settled on it.

Remove the Cover of the Board

Every ironing board comes with instructions as to how to wash the removable cover. If your brand allows you to machine-wash the board cover, go ahead and do it.

If it cannot be machine washed, your approach has to be slightly different, though. Take the cover and look for stained areas carefully. Then take any liquid detergent (that you use for clothes), dilute it with water. Fill this diluted liquid in a spray bottle and spray evenly only on the stained areas. Once done, you can gently wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Clean the pad

For this, you will first have to take off the pad attached to the ironing board carefully. Wipe it off gently before you ultimately vacuum the pad. The pad is now clean and can be fixed back.

Wipe the Rest of the Ironing Board

Use a damp cloth to clean all the remaining areas of the ironing board. Right from its legs to the area below it, ensure you wipe it all clean. This area is where you will find spiders building their homes, so make sure you clean this space well too.

Dry the Board

Once you are done cleaning with a damp cloth, wipe the board dry with a dry cloth. Now reassemble the ironing board. You now have a spotless board on which you can iron your clothes without any worries!

Summing Up

Your clothes will remain neat and clean only if you ensure that everything you use to maintain your clothes is clean. Ensure you regularly clean not only your iron but also the ironing board.  And remember, if you want a professional ironing helper, then go to Helpling.

We hope these simple tips helped!

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