Natural Tips to Regrow Your Hair

Your hair is believed to be an important part of your personality. No wonder so many people want to continue improving it. If you want to know how to regrow your hair and regain the volume, then you would have come to right place. 

In this article, we will not only talk about the Best Hair Oil For Reviving Hair Growth And Thickness, but also share some home remedies to improve your hair quality. 

Read on to know more. 

Gently massage the scalp

Massaging the scalp can help you restore your hair growth. It can be used along with various hair oils and masks to stimulate and improve the hair thickness. Spend at least 10-15 minutes every day to gently massage your scalp that will not only encourage hair growth but also relieve stress and tension. 

Use aloe vera for hair fall

Aloe vera is a potent herb that can work wonders in conditioning your hair and soothing an inflamed scalp. It is also known to be an effective remedy to curb the dandruff and also unblock the hair follicles that may have been blocked due to excess production of oil. You can extract the aloe vera gel and apply to your scalp few times a week. You can also replace your existing shampoo and conditioner with the one enriched with aloe vera.  

Massage coconut oil in your scalp

Coconut oil is enriched with fatty acids that are absorbed inside your scalp that helps reduce the loss of protein from your hair. You can either use it before your head bath or after you are done washing your hair, depending upon your hair type. If you have an oily scalp, then you can also massage the oil into your scalp before bed or at least a few hours before washing your hair. Coconut oil leave-in treatment is also good for dry hair. By doing this on a regular basis, you will be able to notice the quality of your hair improve and also an increase in your hair volume. 

Apply fish oil

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can help improve the quality of your hair inside out. These fatty acids are full of hair-friendly proteins as well as antioxidants that work wonders in improving hair density. It is also a great remedy to reduce hair fall. 

Take ginseng supplements

You can add ginseng supplements to your routine to promote natural hair growth by stimulating the follicles. Ginsenosides found in ginseng is an active component that is believed to be responsible for positive hair growth. However, before taking these supplements you should talk to your doctor and check about any possible side effects. 

Onion oil or juice 

While the smell of onion oil or juice can be pungent, it is considered to be the magic potion for your hair growth. Onion juice is successful in not only promoting your hair growth but also works by improving blood circulation. If studies are to be believed, regular application of onion oil or juice can improve keratin growth and blood flow to the cuticles. All you need to do is blend in a few onions, squeeze out their juice and apply it to your scalp. You can also find onion oil readily available in the market that you can buy for your hair regrowth routine. 

Massage with rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oils can promote hair growth and also curb the hair loss. You can also mix a few drops of this oil into a carrier oil of your choice and massage this concoction in your scalp. Leave it on for a few hours before rinsing. For the best results, you must follow this routine at least a few times per week. Some experts also recommend adding a few drops of rosemary oil into your shampoo on a regular basis. 

Fresh lemon juice

Extract lemon juice or use lemon oil to improve the hair quality as well as growth. Lemon can supply your scalp with necessary nutrients that are required to maintain a healthy scalp. It can also encourage hair growth if you leave it on for at least 15-20 minutes before shampooing. Alternatively, you can also dilute lemon essential oil to use as a hair mask. 

If you really want to improve your hair and its quality and quantity, then you must stay consistent with your method. You must remain patient as these treatments can take months before they show any visible results. You can also choose more than one remedies from this list and see what works for you best. 

Additionally, also focus on consuming balanced diet and follow a healthy lifestyle to nourish your body with essential nutrients. 


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