Your New Favorite Kobe Bryant Gear Is Here

We lost Kobe Bryant a year ago to a tragic helicopter crash but his memory and legacy are still with us. The Black Mamba played the game like no one else. He was the best! One of the greatest players of all time, 5x NBA Champion, 4x All-Star MVP, an Academy Award winner, a good father and husband, and an entrepreneur. A “Heart Of A Legend” that stays in our hearts and minds whenever we see a game of basketball or wear his jersey. Maybe you still wear a jersey with a 24 on the back.

You can still wear an official Lakers jersey like everyone else, but then you look like every other Lakers fan. You can freshen up your closet with unique, custom-designed Kobe Bryant apparel to commemorate a Legend. Stand out in a crowd and elevate your style all while rocking the unmistakable image of a hero. I found this Shopify store,, has exclusive cutting-edge designs for Kobe Bryant gear that will take your sports apparel to the next level.

Kobe Hoodie – “Legend” Pullover Mens Womens

This Kobe Hoodie is a striking, bold statement piece you must have in your collection. The design captures the spirit of the legend. It is unique, creative, and has the Lakers colors. The high-definition, superimposed and 3D images make the print pop. The rich, vibrant purple color contrasts well with the golden accent smoke enveloping the fabric. Not to mention, the material is soft and comfortable. The napped fabric lining the hoodie on the inside gives it a soft, fuzzy texture that you’ll love. Look good and feel good in this Kobe Hoodie you can’t find anywhere else. If not for you, then for the sports fan in your life that loves hoodies and misses Kobe to this day.

Kobe Bryant Sneakers – NBA Mamba Forever Shoes Kids Mens Womens

If you’re more into shoes that make any outfit pop, check out these sleek and stylish sneakers that‘ll be sure to turn heads. Graphic shoes are picking up in popularity all over the internet, and these Kobe shoes kids mens womens are sure to impress. The custom design features Kobe Bryant’s victorious pose, “Legend”, his number, his signature, and the Laker’s logos and colors. The ankle cut and ergonomically streamlined foot curve is suited for comfortable movement and preferred fit. The black soles are fashionable and functional as they are an EVA sole which means they are anti-heat, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, and non-slip. Its durability makes it fit for casual wearing or going out for a run. Wear it and take your inspiration on the go! These Kobe shoes are a must-have for kids and adults. They come in men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes.

Make These Exclusive Custom Kobe Bryant Gear Yours!

Wearing the custom-designed Kobe gear, you bring Kobe’s memory and inspiration with you. Kobe’s Mamba Mentality will give you the spark you need to do your best today, as Kobe did during his life. Furthermore, you can pay tribute to Kobe Bryant by shopping for Kobe gear at this Shopify store, Eagles|Patriots|Steelers Gear. The famous names he was known for were well designed into all their Kobe gear, including “Heart Of A Legend”, “Legend”, “Mamba Forever”, “Mamba Out”, “Black Mamba”, “24”, “8” and “Kobe Biography”.

Such unique design is not only on their Kobe hoodies and Kobe shoes, but also on their Kobe shirts/sweatshirts, Kobe car seat covers, Kobe jackets, Kobe leggings, Kobe backpacks, Kobe iPhone/Galaxy phone cases, and many more.
Hurry Up! Make this Shopify store Kobe Bryant gear yours now while their special deal of 50% off plus free shipping still lasts!



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