Flawless Diamonds Co. had its struggles as a custom jewelry business starting out. Founder Nicholas Flathau mentioned that finding dedicated staff and quality materials to work with were only a couple of the obstacles he and his company encountered. “It’s a struggle starting out because people don’t know who you are, with no respect towards your name, until they start seeing your work,” he shares. Utilizing the hard work ethic he learned growing up, Flathau has overcome these obstacles and is ready to take charge of the jewelry industry.

Growing up in the Windy City, Flathau and his family lived under the poverty line for a majority of his childhood. At the age of 17, he made the decision to leave his hometown in pursuit of a career. Struggling to find his footing, Flathau relocated cities multiple times until finally settling in at 22. He found a connection in Dallas, Texas and began collaborating with a Jeweler there.

After attending a university for two years, Flathau had the realization that an education and a possible career in nursing wasn’t the direction he wanted his life to go in. So, in 2016, he dropped out of school and used his entrepreneurial spirit to gain his first taste of being his own boss as an AT&T franchisee. Finding near immediate success in that field, Flathau added a real estate firm to his business portfolio. As the owner of two successful businesses, the kid from Chicago who lived under the poverty line for years was now a millionaire, providing for his family and giving back to his local communities.

However, with all of this success, Flathau didn’t feel much reward coming from the work itself. Having discovered a newfound hobby in jewelry collecting, Flathau had been spending all of his free time away from his business researching the industry. Through this research, he realized that this wasn’t just a hobby – it was the passion he had been looking for.

Thus, Flawless Diamonds Co. was founded. Overcoming the initial challenges, he had mentioned, Flathau has opened facilities in both Dallas and his hometown of Chicago. With plans to eventually operate in major cities across the U.S., Flawless Diamonds Co. is prepping the release of an apparel line that has been in high demand from their clients as of late.

The next step for Flathau and the Flawless Family, after increasing their branding, is to add locations to Miami and Los Angeles in the coming years.     

Learn more about Nicholas Flathau and the detailed custom jewelry work being done at Flawless Diamonds Co. by following them on Instagram and visiting their website.

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