First of all, there is no shame in being the victim of one of these sophisticated and predatory operations. If you come forward and make the required attempts, you may be able to recover some or all of your lost funds and also help protect others from being scammed by the bad people.

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Three People Shared How Fiduciadignacorp Helped People Recover Lost Funds

John shares his experience: “I made a mistake and invested with a crypto trading platform that is not regulated and not licensed. It was too late by the time I realized, the broker – MDX500 broker from Switzerland and the name of my account manager was Max Tillman. Max Tillman took 4.5 bitcoins from my wallet/account that I created here in Toronto Canada trough coin-smart account sold/ withdrew my bitcoins and took all of my money, and now they stopped responding and refused to get my money back. I got scammed for over $160,000, and even reported the case to RCMP Canadian police all to no avail. The experience got me depressed, but I didn’t give up. I kept looking for solutions, and I was lucky to have eventually found”

Jack: “I have deposited over $110,000 onto this trading platform – The platform ended up being fraud along with the broker. When the time came for me to withdraw my profit. The broker had me to open a blockchain account and the profit would be deposited. The blockchain account has addresses that can not be accessed. The account is locked. Now the broker is not responding. I have all of the transactions and correspondence between the broker and myself. Please help me recover the funds”

Antonia shares her experience: “I was scammed by videoforex. They stole my funds by manipulating price/spiking me out of the money/ using slippage/ and requesting me as well as giving me unwanted bonuses. I want to know if there is anyway I might be able to recover my funds. The offshore broke would hold my money hostage and manipulate price all which led to me loosing around 93k.”

Step to Recover Funds Lost to Bitcoin, Crypto, Binary Options, Forex Scam

Step 1: Keep track of your credit report

Once you have put a fraud alert on your credit report, you are entitled to an additional free credit report for the year in which you filed it. Order these reports a month after the fraud alert to make sure everything looks like you expect it to, including your personal information, accounts, judgments, collections, and inquiries.

Step 2: Consider filing an extended fraud alert

If after the 90-day period of the initial fraud alert you still feel compromised, consider filing for an extended fraud alert. This will last for seven years. Contact each credit-reporting agency individually. You may be asked to submit a copy of your Identity Theft Report.

Step 3: Think about filing a civil suit in court

While the money from financial theft is often never recovered, it may be worthwhile to sue the company or individual that is responsible for your loss, if known. Contact to help you with the funds recovery process.

Step 4: Don’t blame yourself

Cons, scams, and fraud schemes happen to millions of Americans every year—you are not alone. Try not to blame yourself for being the victim. Share your story with others and be a role model for other survivors.

Step 5: Know that resources are available to help

There are resources available to victims of cons, scams, or fraud schemes. Go to the National Identity Theft Victims’ Assistance Network at to get the required assistance.

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